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Evolving Player Housing – Airships

On July 19th, 2014 on Azeroth Pirate Radio, episode 56.  I declared that guild housing should include airships.  Now with the release of Warlords and how Garrisons are playing out, I reaffirm this on several fronts!  Many people were angry with how integrated garrisons were going to be, but now I see nothing but people excited about garrisons, logging in, sending their followers out on missions, upgrading buildings.

Gunship_BattleSo where does Warcraft go from here?  Well a glaring misstep is the lack of focus on guilds.  In episode 56, I was a big fan of guild airships.  A place to include trophies from raid achievements, dungeon achievements, work as a guild to earn achievements to upgrade, get access to different cosmetic upgrades on the ship.  Essentially the hull of the ship will be upgraded over time, adding levels, adding and upgrading rooms.  Most of this should remain mostly cosmetic to not create the “mandate” of being in the guild to advance, but having something visual a place for guilds to call their own makes sense, especially seeing as how you could pull your entire raid into your garrison now.

For players to continue to build out an “armada”, have “mini-airships”.  These would be for individual players could carry on throughout expansions.  Treat them similar to garrisons, allow the belly of the ship to be upgraded with different rooms, larger rooms would accommodate different functions.  Instead of a lumber mill have an engineering station, which would produce parts for upgrading your airship.  The real change would be not having mines, or a pond like in garrisons now since you are in the air, but the fact remains you could still have this little slice of the sky with many of the same features garrisons currently have.  There could be a tavern on board (think Starcraft 2, terran campaign), where you could go and get quests from people stopping by.  An armory would act like the bunker now, where you get bonus rolls.  You can have quarters that provide profession related tasks & workers.

GuildAirshipBecause these “airships” live in the sky, no matter how Blizzard changes the world, or perhaps migrates us to another, the airships in theory could be transported, limiting the “start over” mentality with this feature.  A perpetual housing system that could be upgraded over time and expanded on with each expansion.

Lets get airships in the game!  What kind of features do you think these should have?