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Garrison Planning for Warlords of Draenor

Arguably, one of the features I am most excited about is also one I have had the least hands on time with while in beta.  I am of course talking about Garrisons.  I know many people are iffy on this feature, some don’t like being forced into garrisons, some are looking forward to this expanded version of player housing over Mists of Pandaria’s farm feature.

The first question I asked myself is what kind of player do I plan on being in Warlords.  Well I decided my gaming won’t change much, so my typical 3-4 days of 2-3 hours per day won’t change, and of course my guild, Phalanx of Nod, will be raiding.  Phalanx of Nod’s raiding approach is casual but focused.  So I asked, what features of garrisons will allow me to better myself in raids with my limited playtime?  Also its important to note, my main character is a Blood Death Knight, with Jewelcrafting as my main profession and mining as my secondary.

Luckily Wowhead has a great garrison calculator feature.  So lets explore what buildings I am going with.

Large Plots (2)

1. Barracks

Why did I pick the Barracks, well first off it lets me increase my follower limit by 5.  Which allows me to find and hang onto a wider variety of followers to send off and do quests and/or work in some of my buildings.  This also unlocks patrol missions, which offer increased experience for followers; leveling up followers faster is a good thing.  Also at level 3, I can get Death Knight guards from Knights of the Ebon Blade faction, which is just icing on the cake.

2. Dwarven Bunker / War Mill

This will be one of the first buildings I get in my garrison.  There is a feature in Warlords that there is a small chance that when you turn in quests, the rewards could be rare or even epic.  This building increases that ability by 50%.  At level 2, you can get items from Iron Horde mobs for transmog.  But the real value here is at level 3, where you get a free seal, which can be used for a bonus roll during raids!  Bonus chance to get raid loot, you bet I am taking this building.

Medium Plots (2)

1. Lunarfall Inn / Frostwall Tavern

Having the building opens up dungeon quests for followers.  At level 2, it allows you to request specific traits for followers to recruit.  This is great if you are looking for particular followers to run certain quests, or be assigned to a particular building in your garrison.  With having your Barracks, giving you more room for followers, this pairs very well with it to build the fighting force you need.

2. Lumber Mill

This is simply to gain garrison resources & apexis crystals  Apexis Crystals are used as currency to get gear from vendors in Warlords.  Since garrison materials are needed to build your buildings, this helps speed up that process.  Of course easy methods of getting Apexis Crystals is also helpful.

Small Plots (3)plot_Deed

1. Gem Boutique

Now as a jewelcrafter, I am going to build a Gem Boutique.  I encourage everyone to build your primary profession on a small plot, if you are a gatherer, then go with whatever you want.  For gems, it appears only jewelcrafters will be able to create items to upgrade rings and pendants, plus create greater gems.

2. The Forge

I am building The Forge, because it allows me to create plate armor for my Death Knight.  Now eventually the gear this creates will become obsolete (I suspect), at which point I will probably replace it with either Alchemy or Enchanting buildings, but this is to simply give me a leg up with the initial gear grind.  I encourage others to create whatever building it takes to help out with initial gear, unless you are fairly confident its a waste of your time.  This is really the only building I am on the fence about here, as I wonder if I will be able to get enough gear through dungeons and other means early on.  We will see.

3. Salvage Yard

This allows you to potentially recover material after follower missions.  Whats really nice is at level 2, you can recover items that can be used by your followers, allowing you to gear them up to take on more difficult missions as the game progresses.  Then at level 3, you can potentially find player gear from missions.  The main reason I am picking this one is the level 2 perk, to find items to equip my followers to raise their ilvl.

So as of right now this is the garrison build I am going to be going with.

Also, Alternative Chat has a nice write-up of some other garrison builds you should check out

What is your garrison build?