Liebster Award!

Recently Zuulzilla nominated me for a Liebster award! A Liebster Award is a small token of appreciation given to bloggers for doing what they do and serves as a way for bloggers to learn about other bloggers.  Its taken me a bit to respond with so much going on recently, but have written this post a bit here and there over the past couple weeks.

The Rules for the Nominees

  • You must link back to the person who nominated you.
  • You must state 10 facts about yourself.
  • You must answer the 10 Liebster questions given to you by the person who nominated you.
  • You must pick 5-10 bloggers to be nominated with under 200 followers.

Random Facts About Me

  1. 183cpoyqd0clcjpgI got my video game start playing Centipede in the children’s ward of a hospital when I was 4, when I had spinal meningitis
  2. When I was growing up I wanted to be an astronaut until I watched the challenger explode in 1986
  3. I will weave movie and TV quotes into everyday conversation, and have even used some during work settings
  4. I am a huge 49ers fan, because my great aunt told me to root for them, when I watched my first NFL game, so I have ever since.
  5. When in college I rescued 2 dachshunds who were abandoned in an apartment down the hall from me.
  6. I am directly responsible for at least 3 people failing out of college during my freshman year due to organizing an NFL Blitz tournament during the week before finals.
  7. When I was 8 I invented “Dijonaise” by mixing Dijon mustard and mayonnaise together.  My mom didn’t think it was worth trying to get patented/trademarked whatever you do with food products.
  8. In college outside of sports games, Strarcraft and Diablo, I played MUDDs (text based roleplay games online).
  9. I went to college for computer science because I wanted to get a job at Blizzard, and to this day it is still my dream job, having applied over 20 times since graduating college.
  10. While I played all the Warcraft RTS, it wasn’t until Warcraft 3 introduced the Lich King that I truly was hooked on the Warcraft universe.

Zuulzilla’s Questions:

  • Who, what, and/or where does your blogging inspiration come from?

warlords email 2I just like to write my thoughts and speak my mind.  An old coworker introduced me to the idea of blogging and we started a short lived comic blog, before we went down different paths in our career and quit that project.  So now I write mostly about video games.

  • What do you/did you want to be when you grow up?

At first an astronaut, then I saw the challenger blow up on TV and decided I wanted to be an engineer.  It wasn’t until later on in life that I got hooked on Blizzard games and wanted to work for them after college.

  • What advice do you have for someone just starting out in blogging?

Write about what you love.  Sticking to a schedule is important but always blog for you first, readers will come secondary.

  • What are some things on your bucket list?

I want to go to London and Europe.  I always wanted to get a motorcycle and ride it cross country, but that will wait until my children are a bit more grown I think.

  • What clique were you in in high school?

I was in 2, the geeks.  I hung out with the folks in drama, band who just liked to be skaters.  But being part of varsity football, I hung out with other jocks a lot too, I bridged 2 different words, I got along with all of them.

  • You are exiled to an island and can take three items. What do you choose?

Assuming the island has shelter already since I was exiled, I assume power.  I would bring tools, a crossbow (with arrows), and of course satellite communication.

  • If you could go back 5 years and share one piece of advice with yourself, what would you say?

Stop over-thinking buying that Netflix stock, do it, and buy as much of it as you can!

  • Who’s your favorite Superhero?

Superman, I grew up loving everything he stood for, but he is tied with Spider-Man, I love that Peter Parker is such a geek outside of his Spidey duties.

  • Favorite place to visit?

The mountains.  Growing up near the beach it got old really fast.  So now I like going up into the mountains its a nice change.

  • Dinosaurs or Dragons? Why?

Dragons, because they breathe fire…duh.

warlords-of-draenor,T-2-426134-22I have no idea how many followers some the below bloggers have, but the below are a few who I feel deserve to be nominated:

  1. Xia, though she typically writes here on my blog, I love reading her writing.
  2. Quori, my fellow guildie who writes at
  3. Megacode, has helped me stay current with my holy pally, who is my main alt, but before Wrath was my main, he writes at
  4. Fimlys, has done a ton for the blogging community with Twisted Nether Blogcast and blogs at
  5. Wowmartiean, while he is mostly known for his youtube content, he also blogs and when he does its a great read at

Questions for Nominees:

  1. Favorite gaming food & beverage? Why?
  2. Guilty pleasure movie you enjoy?
  3. Video game that has disappointed you the most in the past 5 years and why?
  4. What video game are you most looking forward to in the next 1-2 years?
  5. If you could do another job than the one you currently do, what would you want to do?
  6. Hardest part of blogging or being part of a content creator community?
  7. When you take a few days off, what do you typically do?
  8. Biggest real life accomplishment, and biggest gaming accomplishments?
  9. Best 80s cartoon?
  10. Marvel or DC? Why?

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