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Warcraft Isn’t Dying, It’s Just Dying For You

All over the internet you can’t help but hear how Warcraft is dying.  How this patch is the downfall, or that decision is the end.  How Warlords of Draenor is ruining the game, or how Mists killed Warcraft.  In reality Warcraft has over 7 million subscriptions more than any other competing MMO.  Games like Everquest and Star Wars the Old Republic have far lower subscriber bases and are still going.  The fact is there are two camps of people I believe keep throwing out the “Warcraft is Dying” lines on internet forums.

First camp, the internet troll.  These people just want to take any bit of news that pops up and say how it ruined the game, just so they can say they were on the bandwagon to drag the game down.  These people almost get a high off watching things fail.  Not sure what it is about some people but watching others fail, fall down.  The fact is until Warcraft has murlocsunder 2 million subscriptions their cries will only resonate with other trolls wanting to watch Blizzard fail.

Second camp, those ready to move on.  These are the players who have hit their limit of Warcraft, and are done with the game.  It happens, the game has been around almost a decade, for some its time to move on, but they can’t quite admit it.  Instead they pine for how the game used to be, the changes just constantly reminding them how the game is different and not the romanticized version they fell in love with.  These folks complain how Warcraft is dying because its not their Warcraft anymore.  To these folks, they are done with Warcraft and just don’t know it yet.  I feel a good majority of folks who claim Warcraft is dying are in this camp.  Games are meant to be fun, and if you are just not having fun and enjoying yourself, what is the point? Go and find a game that brings back your spark of excitement.

So the next time you feel you have to comment on whether a game is “dying” be it Warcraft or something else.  Are you saying it because you are taking a truly objective look at the situation, or are you just done with the game?

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  1. My biggest worry about WoW’s health has more to do with how their parent company will react to changing subscriber numbers than with the pure number of remaining subscribers. At what point do they start panicking that WoW is less of a cash cow than in previous years and start pushing the developers to add additional money making features to the detriment of the game itself?

    • Ceraphus

      My answer to you, is…IF and when that becomes a legitimate concern and is affecting your or anyone else’s enjoyment of the game, stop playing. Nothing speaks louder than a cancelled subscription. But honestly your scenario I feel is far off, but I do expect them to offer additional non-game changing (transmog, pets, mounts) for money, and I expect more of that to continue, but Blizzard has time and again said they won’t make WoW pay to win. But once again if additional services and the direction they take the game affect a person’s enjoyment of that game, they should stop playing. A different direction doesn’t necessarily mean though a game is dying.

      • MadSat

        Uh, selling lvl 90’s with high end armor and crafting skills – seems to me to be an admission that the game content is so bad and draggy that nobody with 60 bucks to spend would bother to play it. So if its that sucky, why play it at all? Lets say they sell 9 million premade chars next year, dude, that’s 9,000,000 people saying the content reeks. Pardon me, but why play a game whose content reeks?


    Ok, fine, its not dead. BUT….I do for one think the expacs have been worse since Wrath. My personal rankings: Wrath > BC > Vanilla > Cata > MoP. For me its around engagement. I was engaged with killing the Lich King, Magtheridon, Ragnaros. I kind of didn’t care about Deathwing, or for anything we’ve killed in MoP. I felt connected with the stories in Vanilla, BC, and Wrath because they more connected with the existing lore going back to Warcraft Orcs and Humans. Much of Cata and MoP was “new” history. I feel Warlords will reconnect with the Warcraft history, so I have high hopes.

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  3. Beloved Warcraft Fanboy: Vanilla

    “It’s not dead.” Based on this post, I’m in the second camp, a veteran player who once triumphed my enemy in world PvP (contrary to popular belief, this actually existed at one point) and slay the mightiest of quests in PvE at the Molten Core. All nostalgia aside, Vanilla, TBC, and *some* of Wrath were epic. And now all opinions aside, the numbers don’t lie: it’s pretty damn obvious that the rate of its death is faster than its birth, the game is dying. Any faithful fan of what the game once was, has left the sinking ship. It’s really sad, because she sure was a beauty in her prime! *tears*

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