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The Price is Right for Character Boosts

Today, 2/18/2014, the Warcraft servers came back online.  Under the in-game shop, under services, the Level 90 character boost option appeared.  It may have appeared early, and could potentially be a mistake since pre-orders for Warlords of Draenor isn’t live as of typing this.  The sticker shock most folks on social media have is the price of the standalone character boost service, which was displayed as $60.

I have said on Azeroth Pirate Radio and The Sundering podcasts that I believed the price was going to be $40.  I felt this price point was about right as it was the same price as an expansion, it wasn’t trivial so would still give a level 90 character value.

Though it would appear on first glance that the price of $60 is high, it is, but to me this says Blizzard places high value on leveling a character.  Which is that really such a bad thing?  The other important item to remember is $60 to boost your character is not mandatory.  This is a perk, it isn’t required to progress or get ahead.  You can spend the time to level your own toon.

So for those complaining about the high price, don’t pay it, level the toon yourself.  I am glad Blizzard priced “auto-levels” so high.  As I said earlier it places a value on the leveling process.  Granted I would like to boost all my alts to 90, but I don’t need to and at this price I probably won’t.

But what is this price comparable to given the current cost of “services”.

1. 2 Mounts ($25 x 2) and 1 Pet ($10) = $60faction_change_cost

2. 3 Transmog Helms ($15 x 3) and 1 Month of WoW ($15) = $60

3. Faction Change ($30) and Realm Transfer ($25) = $55

4. Race Change ($25), Name Change ($10) and 1 Mount ($25) = $60

5. 4 months of World of Warcraft ($15 x 4) = $60

What about people who bought another copy of the game to use the Recruit a Friend (RAF) level granting?  Well as of writing this…

World of Warcraft Battle Chest (which includes up through Cataclysm) is $20, this is assuming you want to go beyond what the starter edition provides (which most do). Then assuming you want to then transfer this toon to your account you need to pay the $25 fee, so for $45 you would still need to level a character to grant levels.  And if you wanted one of the RAF mounts/pets, the extra account would need 2 months of a subscription so lets assume all in all you get 1 mount and a level 85 for leveling 1-2 other toons.  You will have spent $75 after the transfer of 1 toon, if you transfer 2 toons, you are looking at $100.

When faction changes are $30, and realm transfers are $25.  $60 doesn’t seem so out of left field.

In the end, the price is right in my book, what about yours?


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  1. Your math definitely checks out here. I think this is a great option for people that are tired of the grind, or just want the another class that is suited for the arena or raiding (because their main isn’t optimal). I’m all for the monetization of games, I think people’s virtual work should be worth something, and in situations like these I always give a nod to those offering value at a decent price. That being said, if someone is new to WoW or MMO’s in general (or just still really enjoys questing and the grind to 90) then obviously they should do the leveling themselves as they will still get good entertainment for their dollar.
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