How Much Changes in a Year

In 2013 I made a commitment to myself to blog more, and I did, but its amazing how so many things just seemed to keep happening to the point where my blog kept playing second fiddle.  I was able to consolidate my recipes from my old site Gamer’s Cookbook onto my blog here, and even got my co-host on The Sundering, Xia to post here  a couple of times.

But 2013 was a year to remember.  First I found out that my wife was pregnant with our 2nd child, this time a boy, due in October.  I received a promotion at work and then Blizzcon 2013 was announced and I immediately felt there would be no way to attend due to my son being born, but weeks before the tickets went on sale my wife had worked out a deal that would allow me to go.  I had mixed feelings but ultimately decided to go.  At the same time I had also applied my podcast, The Sundering for press access to Blizzcon but didn’t hold my breath.  And I soon started up my second podcast, Azeroth Pirate Radio with fellow guildie Quori, and proud to say we are still going strong!

snowfight-03-1920x1200Needless to say I was able to obtain tickets to Blizzcon along with several of my guildies.  Plans soon escalated to where I began planning a podcasting event with the folks over at Epic Podcast, my co-host Xia and Xantar from Holy Shat podcast, which became World of Podcasts.  Needless to say the event consumed a ton of my time.

Then weeks ahead of schedule my son was born in September, which took me out of pocket for a while, but he was born healthy, he is such a happy child, so spending time bonding with him before Blizzcon was my priority.  Then before I knew it I received an email out of the blue from Blizzard granting press access to The Sundering literally just weeks ahead of Blizzcon.  So Xia and I quickly got ourselves in gear for having press access along with final preparations for World of Podcasts.

Well Blizzcon came along and World of Podcasts was a great success.  As for Blizzcon, Xia and I got to interview Chris Robinson and Ray Cobo of the World of Warcraft team as well as Ben Thompson and Eric Dodds from the Hearthstone team.  Blizzcon as press was a great experience, but too many times I felt the convention was more job-like, but even saying that its an experience I wouldn’t have traded for anything.

Soon after Blizzcon Xia and I began work on our media group idea that we had let stagnate for a couple years due to real life but finally got it up and running, so Catalyst Gaming Media was born and we were lucky enough to start it with some great content creators.  Soon after it got off the ground, many more content creators expressed interest, so Catalyst has been the item that has taken the most time away from my blog.    Our first event we had a virtual World of Podcasts interview with the members of World of Warcraft World Progression guild, Blood Legion.

Then our guild Phalanx of Nod celebrated its 9 year anniversary!  I am excited that we have reached such an amazing milestone, and look forward to our 10th in 2014!

On The Sundering, episode 164, we invited members of Catalyst for the 1st annual year in review and it was a great success in my opinion.

Then on New Year’s Eve Tyson Foods retweeted my Bacon Stuffed Crust Pizza recipe!  Which was an awesome surprise, making my own bacon news!

Fast forward to January 3rd, 2o14 and WoW Insider featured some of my bacon recipes on their site!  So it seems my love of bacon has made waves in the past week.

With all the great things that happened in 2013, I am absolutely looking forward to 2014, with all the opportunities with Catalyst Gaming Media, my podcasts (The Sundering & Azeroth Pirate Radio), my blog, my guild.  But most of all the gaming opportunities.  I want to very much play a variety of different games this coming year, World of Warcraft is still my go to, but I plan on expanding my opportunities in gaming, and have already started by looking to Pokemon X on my 3DS XL!

So here is to an exciting 2014!

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