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Next Warcraft Expansion – The Dark Below?

What will the expansion after Mists of Pandaria entail?  What will come of Wrathion’s dark prophecies?  What was he preparing us for?  Many say it is the Burning Legion, but could it be much more than that?  Perhaps bringing some old enemies back together?  I have said before on my podcasts, The Sundering and Azeroth Pirate Radio, but also on this blog last year that I felt a Burning Legion expansion was coming.  But just Burning Legion sounds, well, boring.

Azshara_NazjatarWhat if, the Burning Legion are coming to Azeroth because Queen Azshara, in the depths of the ocean of Azeroth, once a noble Night Elf Queen, fallen due to the allure of power offered by the Burning Legion, once again has found a way to summon the legion to Azeroth.  Its this unholy union that I think brings about the most possibilities.  Many have asked to see Illidan return, and this could be where we can see it come back to redeem himself in the defeat of the legion and Azshara.  Also this provides a few tiers of raids as well, and would break up the monotony of just fighting the legion.  This may also tie into the fact that recently Blizzard trademarked “The Dark Below” which could mirror this Naga / Burning Legion combination expansion.

Typically we have seen three tiers of raiding, so what could it be?  My thoughts are the first tier would perhaps be a challenge by Wrathion to perhaps stop an old god, since we haven’t really seen them much in MoP.  The second tier may consist of putting an end to Azshara and the Naga.  Finally the last raid tier for the expansion might be putting down the Burning Legion invasion which I could only assume would end with a fight against Sargeras, in some fashion.  Where would the new lands be though, Blizzard has said that Cataclysm was rough on many due to the disjointed nature of the land.  So what would be done?  Rumors of islands between the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, perhaps even the Naga ruins being raised from the deeps as another land area could be an option, or even an underwater area, hopefully not like Vashj’ir from Cataclysm as all that swimming about I did not enjoy?

Or are we going to see a return to Outlands?  I am not sure Blizzard at this time is investing a ton of time into redoing content in Outlands, but its possible in order to make the story and timing to flow more with the current storyline since Cataclysm was released.  Though going back to Outlands seems like its going against what Wrathion keeps on saying about there are threats to Azeroth.  I suppose only time will tell but my bet is some new land mass, or islands, or underwater cavernous area between the 2 main continents on Azeroth, with Naga, Old gods & the Burning Legion as the main villains.


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