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Has Reforging Worn Out its Welcome?

Gear in World of Warcraft has become quite the ordeal, I remember back in Vanilla, when if you won a piece off a boss, it was an instant upgrade in many cases, even without an enchantment.  In the past two expansion we have seen this become much more involved.  From having to enchant a new piece, to getting it gemmed, then reforging it, and upgrading it with valor, and finally for you cosmetic folks, transmogrify it.  That is 5 things for a piece of gear, granted you can probably ditch the item upgrade,transmogrification and bring that down to 3 things to do to your gear after receiving it, but that can still be quite an ordeal.  Especially for DPS and even tanks who have fixed stat of hit and expertise, changing one piece of gear may mean you have to change every single item you own.  All these little changes are reasons why Ask Mr Robot is so popular, to help you figure out what you need to do to your gear before its truly usable.

So has reforging become too much?  Some say just get rid of it, others I read say it could be tweaked.  I am in the second bucket.  I say don’t let folks reforge hit and expertise, better yet, get rid of those stats completely, fixed stats don’t seem like much fun anyway in my opinion because you are constantly chasing that all important fixed cap number, healers have it easy to some extent, they don’t need to reforge for hit or expertise.  Instead if they feel like their mana regen is low, maybe they reforge for spirit.  Maybe they want more mastery, easy fix if crit or haste don’t jive with their build.  But DPS and tanks seem to always chase those 2 fixed stats.

enchantingMy proposal is next expansion, are one of 4 options:

1. Do away with hit and expertise.  In many cases this will simplify reforging for many.  Without feeling the need to meet the hit and expertise caps precisely it would open up people to reforge how they want in many cases.  I don’t think it will do away with the min/maxing and tools like Ask Mr. Robot but it would certainly help.

2. Keep hit and expertise, but don’t allow anyone to reforge out of or into these stats.  Sure people will complain that they have too much hit, or maybe not quite enough, but it would still let people to reforge how they want for the most part.  Though I can see arguments of, “why in this tier can mages easily get hit capped, while rogues can’t?”

3. Get rid of reforging all together.  Get rid of reforging and make due with the stats the developers gave to you, which could still prompt people from using the argument above about why is this class getting favorites, but it would then allow folks to use gems and enchants to a larger degree to get to the stat value they desire.

4. Perhaps a combination of getting rid of hit and expertise, since they are in my opinion “boring stats” and getting rid of reforging.  This would simplify things greatly, of course someone is bound to say this option is catering to the casuals.  With this option you are only left to rely on enchanters and jewelcrafters to modify your stats to your liking.

My personal favorite option is to just do away with hit and expertise.  They are not fun stats, they are mandatory, while in reality having the right amount of hit to actually land blows to your enemy make sense, I think at this point its an antiquated stat.  This allows Blizzard to keep reforging in the game, but reforging gear is no longer mandatory, its a nice little customization option if needed, and doesn’t create the cascading issue of reforging one piece, causes you to reforge every other piece.  Right now as it stands, DPS and Tanks will gear for hit and expertise in many cases until capped, then slowly reforge out of it, if they go over the cap, this is a mandatory way of gearing in most all cases for these 2 roles.

Get rid of the boring stats and keep reforging is my vote, but what other options are there?  What would you want to see Blizzard do, or maybe you like it the way it is?

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  1. I don’t think reforging has worn out it’s welcome, but I think that some design decisions were made that weren’t entirely congruent. Reforging was immediately mentioned as a help for hybrids and specs that valued certain stats over others, but since reforging debuted, we’ve seen a more diverse set of items dropping, thus eliminating the need that it was meant to fill in the first place.

    Similarly, the choice to make reforging a binary choice (is reforged or is not) contributes to the problems you mentioned above. If I get a new piece of gear that puts me over hit-cap, then I may have to reforge several pieces to get back to where I want to be. If reforging operated like a slider, we could solve these problems a lot easier.

    Or, you know, they could just stop putting cap-able secondary stats on gear and push that extra ilvl into greater primary stats.

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