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Are Blizzard’s Store Bought Transmog Items too Expensive?

Blizzard released transmog helms in their online store, and presumably their future in-game store on July 17th.  I personally think this was a great move on their part, capitalize on a market where transmogrification has become a great feature for World of Warcraft, but also a great new way to make money in the in-game economy.  The problem with Blizzard releasing the helms isn’t necessarily what they released, granted the helms seem to be tough to match up with other in-game pieces because they are so unique, but with the price.

Blizzard released these helms at the price point of $15.  Many see the sale value of these helms as too high.  Lets compare them with other items on the Blizzard store.  In-game pets, which can be used for pet battles, arguably an interactive feature cost $10.  Mounts are also a truly interactive feature in which you can ride around the world of Azeroth for $25.  Transmog items, only helm1change the appearance of your gear, in this case your helm, no real gameplay value comes with these items, they are strictly cosmetic.  So $15 seems a bit high for cosmetic enhancements to your gear.

Lets look at apps on the iTunes or Android marketplace or even the Steam Sale.  At a low price point, even if you don’t play them, a $1-$5 purchase is more of an impulse buy.  $15 is clearly not in this range.  I feel that Blizzard missed this “impulse buy market” by pricing the transmog helms at $15.  Sure there are people who will pay this price, but the price doesn’t appeal to the larger community in my belief.  I feel that Blizzard would appeal to a larger market if they priced individual transmog items at or below the $5 price range.  Create a “must buy” instead of a luxury spend.  It concerns me that Blizzard plans on releasing other cosmetic type items in the store like a seesaw and a hitching post, what price point will these come at?  Will Blizzard price these for impulse buyers, or will they price themselves out out of a larger audience?  With the release of the transmog helms at $15 I unfortunately think Blizzard will price new items high as well.

Going forward Blizzard should release individual transmog items at the $5 price point. Create and sell full sets of transmog items at a slight discount, buy the whole set and save $5-$10.  Also all future cosmetic items should be more in line with other items being sold on the store.  The fact is cosmetic items are not worth more than Battle Pets.  As I am wrapping this up, mounts are also too much, if priced no more than $15, I think they too would sell better.

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