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5 Things to Do After Hitting Level 90 (Updated for 5.3)

Back in October I made a post about 5 things to do at level 90, with so many changes that have taken place since then, I felt it was time to refresh this a bit.  Mists of Pandaria has definitely changed a good bit since its release in 2012.  Along with all these changes has brought about new content and even ways to do things at level 90.  This post is going to zero in on players’ goal of PVE end game upon hitting level 90.

So you hit level 90 where do you start?  Well normal mode dungeons almost seem silly to run once you hit 90 as of late, as most can hit the gear cap of 435 by purchasing cheap PVP (yes pvp) crafted gear on the auction house.  So one of your first steps is…

1.  Run Arena of Annihilation Scenario

The Arena of Annihilation scenario is the only one that has a quest to get an ilvl 450 weapon, this is an easy upgrade and helps boost your overall item level to get you into heroic dungeons and ultimately LFR.  Normal scenarios are a snap, and this scenario is just fighting bosses one after the other, think of the group quests from Wrath and Cataclysm, except they changed it into a scenario for Mists of Pandaria.

2. Run Heroic Dungeons

dwarfOnce you reach an equipped item level of 435, you can begin to queue up for heroic dungeons via Looking For Dungeon (LFD) or queue with your friends.  For each boss kill you will earn justice points which the justice point gear is at an ilvl of 458, which will help you get closer to the needed item level of 460 to begin running LFR, or you could even trade these justice points in for Honor Points to pick up some PVP gear which will net an ilvl of 476 compared to the 458 items, though be warned it is not a 1 to 1 conversion of justice points to honor, you will lose some in the process.  The gear that drops in heroics is item level 463.  So this is where you will spend a good portion of your time until you get an average item level of 460.  Remember when you are running a heroic dungeon for the first time for the day, you can select a faction to champion you, this allows you to earn bonus reputation upon completing that instance.  There are currently 9 total heroic dungeons you can run to gear up your toon. These are:

  1. Gate of the Setting Sun
  2. Mogu’Shan Palace
  3. Scarlet Halls
  4. Scarlet Monastery
  5. Scholomance
  6. Shado-Pan Monastery
  7. Siege of Niuzao Temple
  8. Stormstout Brewery
  9. Temple of the Jade Serpent

3.  Isle of Thunder

Next you will want to head to the Isle of Thunder which was introduced in patch 5.2 to begin the daily quests out there.  But wait what about all the other dailies, back on mainland Pandaria? Honestly at this point in the game, W7_123.tifunless you absolutely have to have it, its not worth your time.  If you want gear and get to end game, you are going to want to start the dailies on the Isle of Thunder.  Not only do you earn Lesser Charms of Good Fortune, which every week you can exchange 50 of these in for 3 Mogu Runes of Fate, while on Isle of Thunder you have an opportunity to earn Elder Charms of Good Fortune which are good for bonus rolls in Mogu’shan Vaults, Heart of Fear, Terrace of Endless Spring, and the 2 early world bosses Sha of Fear and Galleon.  You can find the Elder Charms while killing rare spawns on the Isle which there are many, and you can also find these in Troves of the Thunderking, which are chests around the Isle.  You can also find a Key to the Palace of Lei Shen off of common mobs or in the Troves, which will open a solo scenario to grab as much loot as possible.  In this solo scenario is another excellent chance to get more Elder Charms.

Beyond the charms, you will earn rep with the new Isle of Thunder factions specific to either Horde or Alliance.  For example the Kirin Tor Offensive Quartermaster sells a lot of valor items on the cheap once you get to revered, but also some 476 items for gold once you hit honored.  This is a great way to help you get to the first milestone of 460 for item level to allow you to get into LFR.

4. Looking For Raid (LFR)

As of patch 5.3, there are 9 Looking for Raid (LFR) wings you can do.  Mogu’shan Vaults parts 1 and 2, both only require an ilvl of 460.  To get to Heart of Fear and Terrace of Endless Spring you will need an item level of 470.  Good thing in the opening LFR for Mogu’shan Vaults, item level 476 gear drops.  In Heart of Fear and Terrace of Endless Spring, item level 483 gear drops to get you ready for Throne of Thunder.  While doing each LFR wing, you will earn valor points, I highly encourage you to use those valor points to upgrade your gear from vendors to get up to the required 480 to enter Throne of Thunder.  In Throne of Thunder item level 502 gear drops.  At this point in the expansion some LFRs will see longer queue times, due to people either not interested in running the older LFRs or just not needing to.  So queue up while running around the Isle of Thunder, to maximize your time.

5. Operation Shieldwall & the Dominance Offensive

feature_2What to do once you are done with Isle of Thunder, and you need something to do while queuing for LFR, well head to the Krasarang Wilds, because in patch 5.1 Landfall, 2 new factions, Operation Shieldwall for the Alliance and Dominance Offensive for the Horde opened up to give players dailies and some great story related quests.  While some of the dailies can become very tedious at times, item level 496 trinkets, belts, boots and rings are available from the quartermasters, which will help get your item level up for getting into the latest wing of LFR or even just preparing you for normal mode raiding.


Doing these 5 things will help you get geared up and raid ready in no time.  Now don’t get me wrong there are a ton of other options to do, in fact this expansion may have some of the most content for players to sink their teeth into.  Pet Battles, Brawlers Guild, PVP, Expanding your Farm, Legendary Quest line just to name a few.  There is a ton to do, so get out there and explore, but if your guild needs you, the 5 things above are a good place to start as of patch 5.3.


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