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Getting Ready for MoP

So first off, I know its been a while since I posted anything.  I have been extremely busy over the past few months, organizing guild events to take us up through Cataclysm.  Also for those who don’t know I co-host on The Sundering podcast.  The show has taken off recently, including us taking the show live on Sundays which has eaten up a lot of my time, mostly also because in June I was preparing the show to have our first live broadcast from MassiveLAN.  Now that all that is in the tailwinds I can hopefully get back to a more scheduled writing on here.

OK we know that Mists of Pandaria is coming out on September 25th, 2012.  We also know that you can upgrade digitally with a standard or digital edition, or pre-order retail copies from stores.  That’s all well and good, but we still have 2 months until it releases.  What is a gamer to do to prepare besides pre-purchasing the game?

First and foremost, this is your chance to finish leveling that alt to level 85.  Grinding out those last few levels is something you can focus on, now that you have a time frame of when you need to shelve your alt to focus back on your main character.  Or even level up those professions on your alts to get them all ready to level up in Mists of Pandaria.

Now is also a good time to go around and collect up all those pets you have been neglecting to farm.  With the upcoming pet battles, some pets will become harder to get or even more expensive.  Collecting up what you want to play with is another activity you can do.

These two things seems trivial, the big thing you need to be focused on is where you will embark on your journey.  Many folks right now that I see on twitter are in-between guilds.  They are not sure what they want to do, or maybe their guild fell apart during the lull in action since Dragon Soul was released.  These things happen, but for leveling, questing, challenge modes, scenarios in Mists of Pandaria it will be so much better with a great group of people.  So I encourage you all to go out there and find a great guild on a server that matches your desires and availability.  A great guild community is really what makes or breaks the game, trust me I have been in the same guild for going on 8 years now, and its such a great group of people, if it wasn’t for them, not sure if I would be as invested as I am with Warcraft.

The other is upgrading your hardware.  Granted you do not need much to play World of Warcraft, probably one of the reasons its so successful.  However if you feel your system dragging, now is the time to go to Newegg and get some upgrades.  RAM is typically a cheap & quick upgrade.  Next up the all important graphics card.  I currently have a GTX 260, and it handles MoP Beta very well at mostly medium and high settings.  Though if you have the dough, I recommend an Nvidia GTX 560 ti, they are solid cards and have come down in price now that the 600 series is out.  If you are really looking to kick up performance, a SSD drive is the way to go.  Make sure you put the game on it and you will be flying.

OK, lets say you have your alts all leveled, professions good to go, you have a great guild and your hardware is all set for some action in Pandaria.  Well the next thing to do is help your guild out by keeping folks engaged, sure the excitement of the game coming out is helpful, but you have 2 long months to entertain the masses.  My guild has done many things from organized old school raid nights, to alt runs in Dragon Soul to Diablo 3 nights where we all just hang out on our Mumble server and grind out levels and gear in D3.

So there are just a few things on getting ready, what about you how are you preparing for Mists?

And now time for a shameless plug for my guild, as we have opened up recruitment and looking for some awesome folks to join us in Mists of Pandaria!  Phalanx of Nod.  A casual raiding guild, members are 18+, many are family focused, career minded individuals who play WoW because they know its a game and they get to hang with some awesome people. We are an eastern time zone guild, with raids happening on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 8-11pm ET.  If you are interested come visit us at