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Content Complete – Whats a Casual Guild to Do?

Recently my guild finished the normal mode of Dragon Soul.  That’s right we are the coveted 8 out of 8.  Sure we finished it with the 5% “nerf” but as a casual guild what we value most is the accomplishment while having fun with our friends.  Now I know what some of you are thinking”you aren’t done, there are hard modes”.  Very true, but for my guild we have typically never spent much time in hard modes, they appeal to a very small % of our members.  However that being said, with no announcement yet on when Mists of Pandaria is coming out, as the guild leader, we need to start thinking, whats next for our casual guild?

Well first thing is, we want everyone in the guild who wants to have the achievement of completing Dragon Soul to have it, so that is definitely on our list, this is very similar to how we handled ICC in Wrath of the Lich King.  So we are continuing to run to get folks their achievement.  We find it important to give everyone who has worked for it and even our newest raiders the opportunity to at least see normal mode completion.  Also we still have our rogue who is working towards his legendary daggers, just like the staff before, we are committed to helping him complete it.

Second is we are continuing our recruitment to be more consistent in 25 man raids.  With the holidays many folks went on extended breaks.  Now we have 25+ raiders, but not all can raid at the same time, so it creates a challenge.  While we want to recruit more folks to consistently run 25s, we also don’t want to over recruit to make others feel like they no longer have a place.  This has always been a tight rope my guild has walked, but hey we have been around for 7+ years so we must be doing something right in this regard.

Third is we have started scheduling off-night LFR and old school Transmog runs.  These runs don’t count towards attendance or anything but for folks who can add another night to their schedule, they can log in and just kick back on some fun easy content with their guildies.  Transmogrification especially has opened up a lot of interest in running older content, but not something we would spend our scheduled raid nights doing, at least not currently.

Fourth is looking more seriously at hard modes.  Our raid officer is currently investigating strategies and preparing to have our guild begin work on Dragon Soul hard modes.  As we evaluate that we have enough folks with the right gear, we plan on starting to work on Dragon Soul hard mode encounters.  However depending on when MoP is coming out, we are also talking about going back for previous hard modes in Tier 11 and 12, especially encounters that have extras, like Sinestra and Ragnaros.

Finally I am looking at what non-raid activities can be done.  One of the items I am focusing on is our guild finishing up the Stay Classy achievement.  We currently only have 3 class / race combinations left as of writing this.  This would help us get our final guild bank tab.  Some folks have asked about  potentially PVP related activies, and even out of game meetups due to a lack of a Blizzcon for 2012.

Is this all enough to keep folks interested before the next expansion?  Hard to say, but as with any expansion we will due what we can to have fun community based activities, continue to recruit fun folks for current activities and future expansion fun.  However I am wondering what else we may be able to do?  What kind of activities is your guild doing?  How is your community staying busy before Mists of Pandaria?

And of course a shameless plug for my guild

Phalanx of Nod – A 7+ year old casual raiding guild on the Dalaran (US) server, we are Alliance side.  Raid nights are Monday, Wednesday & Thursday from 8pm-11pm ET.  I have been the GM since the guild was born in the original closed beta of World of Warcraft.  If you want to know more visit or contact me on twitter @ceraphus.  You can also find me on The Sundering podcast.

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  1. Congratulations on completing Dragon Soul! We managed to get it down the week before the nerfs were applied (although I got my kill afterwards), and are struggling with the idea of moving into hard modes as well, so I know exactly where you’re coming from. It would have been nice if Blizzard gave us a larger raid to finish out the expansion so that the content would have lasted longer, but alas, they didn’t.

    I hope your guild figures it out and successfully navigates the end-of-expansion waters; they can be treacherous to the health of a raiding guild. Good luck!
    Fannon´s last blog post ..6x6x6: The Challenge of Sixes

    • Ceraphus

      Indeed they can be, we have managed to wade through them successfully since the beginning, so I am confident that we will do so again!

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