Character Class

Ceraphus Reborn Unholy

A while back I co-authored the Frost DK guide on my site.  Well most recently I have found that Unholy once again can be on top, all it took was the right gear.  So when I felt forced to go Frost I did so for the good of the raid team, but now I no longer have to make the sacrifice of playing the role I love vs what is good for the raid.  With that my DK has been reborn once more as an Unholy Death Knight, and I couldn’t be happier.

There is just something about the Unholy build that I have always liked, the control of the ghoul, the swinging of a big 2 handed weapon, the use of one of the most awesome debuffs in the games, Ebon Plaguebringer, the spreading of diseases, its just everything I picture a Death Knight to be.  Its a playstyle I have enjoyed since the DK first appeared in Wrath of the Lich King.  Shelving that playstyle all but made me think I should just go back to my Paladin, Frost while fun at first, became a boring playstyle for me.  I get how Frost works, and I executed that play style at a high level.  However Unholy is what I loved about it the class.  Its that awesome mixture of Melee and Warlock type abilities.  It feels dark and bordering on quasi evil.  Like you are always walking that line of am I doing the right thing with this evil power, and yes of course you were.

So once again I find myself fully enjoying playing my Death Knight again, as he was meant to be played, a disease spreading, 2 handed wielding, plated Juggernaut!  I find myself having to work a bit harder to be on top of the DPS charts, but still get there, which is OK in my book, because I get to play in the style I enjoy while being competitive.  Unholy is also much less RNG based than Frost in my opinion, but requires the player to keep an eye on diseases and manage rune refresh rate.  For the most part my old Unholy guide still holds up quite well, and being out of the Unholy game since the original tier of Cataclysm raiding I found that it was like riding a bicycle, you never really forget (as long as the style hasn’t changed of course).

In conclusion, my main character is back to Unholy.  I have found myself enjoying the game much more because of that.  Its amazing how playing a game the way you want to changes your enjoyment of it.  Thats exactly whats going on right now for me, a renewed love of playing my DK.