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Hour of Twilight – Gripes and Excitement

Patch 4.3 Hour of Twilight is around the corner and there is a lot to be excited about, there is also some things that folks are concerned about.  The patch is expected to drop most likely on November 29th, or possibly the week after on December 6th  However while I am excited by some of these features, parts of them I have concerns regarding the implementation.

Transmogrification & Void Storage

First Void Storage to store unused gear for Transmogrification purposes is great, and a welcome addition, almost like a second bank.  My biggest gripe here is its not accessible from my personal bank, I need to go to multiple places to use it, but that’s just me being lazy.

This feature is long over due in my opinion.  However some of the limitations really stink.  For example not allowing legendary skins to be used for transmogrification purposes seems like a cop out.  I know many people who would love to continue to use their legendary, the topics alone to allow legendaries to scale with level are too numerous to count.  Allowing them to be used for transmogrification would be a great compromise, but for some reason Blizzard does not want to allow this.

Another issue I have is weapon transmogrification.  While ranged weapons can be used on any ranged weapon, for example making a gun look like a bow, a crossbow look like a gun, etc, other weapons are excluded from this.  Only one handed axes can look like other axes.  The issue with this is, as a DK, I would love to dual wield swords, however right now axes are where its at in 4.2.  Well, unless I find some swords, I am stuck using axe models.  I would like to see Blizzard allow any 1 handed weapon transmog another 1 handed weapon, and the same goes with 2 handed weapons.

Beyond those two gripes I am very much looking forward to this feature in 4.3, customization is great and anytime you can make your char more distinct from others is a great option.

The New Darkmoon Faire

The Darkmoon Faire is moving out of towns and to its own island.  There is a ton of mini-games including tonk racing, whack a gnoll and many others to play to win tickets to buy mounts, pets, even transmog gear.  This will also make it much easier to earn rep with the Darkmoon Faire, much to the dismay of all those who spent countless hours earning that rep via deck turn-ins for the Insane title.  There will also be daily quests for crafting, gathering and secondary professions, to help you level them up even faster.  All is good stuff

Now the big issue I have is, the faire will be around 1 week a month.  With these games and dailies, rewards this island is going to be crowded to holy hell.  The entire server will descend on this island, I am thinking lagfest the whole time, if not the whole place will crash those who are there.  I am hoping I am wrong, but I feel they could have made this separate instances somehow and spread it across all servers to balance it properly.  Either way as it stands I have concerns over playability during peak hours for a small island that will be jam packed.

 Raid Finder

Think of the Raid Finder as LFG for the new Dragon Soul raid, however that being said, difficulty is drastically reduced as well as the item level of the gear.  The Raid Finder is great for those who aren’t in organized guilds to do normal modes, but still want to see raid content.  Due to the nature of LFG, the raid difficulty is scaled down to basically easy mode to allow more folks to see the content.  With diminished difficulty, you also get lower item level gear, which will still be better than Firelands normal mode gear by 6 ilvl, but lower than normal Dragon Soul.

I think this is a great way for folks to see the content, even for raiders to get an idea of the fights other than just watching the videos online for it.  Also a good way for players to raid who may have missed their guild’s raid for whatever reason.  What I think is lacking is to expand this to other raid content, many times people want to see the older content but not everyone on a server may want to do it, while some raid content is easily soloable now from past expansions, some encounters require you to have more than 1 person.  Especially with transmogrification now, I see older raids being more popular, allowing folks to organize pugs in a convenient way seems like a no brainer.

Dragon Soul Raid, Related 5 Man Dungeons, Valor Points  & Tier Gear in Raid Only

In patch 4.3 we finally get the showdown with Deathwing.  In fact we get a 2 boss battle with Deathwing, which sounds awesome, and from the spoilers on the fight I am very much looking forward to it.  The fact that Blizzard is doing 3 five man dungeons that tie into the raid similar to what they did with ICC, I am really digging this.

Tier gear only in raids, I am also a big fan of, sure I like the simplicity of getting raid gear and a 2 piece tier bonus without raiding, but to be honest I like them making raiding feel a bit more special from the aspect that tier gear can only be received in the raid itself.  Reminds me of vanilla WoW, in that all tier gear came from either bosses or raid trash, when you saw someone wearing the gear you knew they were a raider, and while I am not a hardcore raider by any means I do like this feature.

It also looks like that for normal raids, valor points are getting normalized across 10 and 25 mans, now that tier gear is only dropping from bosses.  Whereas before if you ran 25 man you would get more valor per boss than in 10 man.  Now its all evened out it appears, with the exception being the raid finder.  I personally do not mind as my guild will do both 10s and 25s, depending on attendance and class balance so I say bring on the change, but I know some folks are saying this is just another way Blizzard is catering to casuals.  I would like to point out in several instances, 10 mans are more difficult than their 25 man counterpart and much less forgiving if someone dies, even if Blizzard says 25s and 10s are equal.


Overall I am nervous for some of these changes, as it could create technical bottlenecks in the game which will limit folks from enjoying some of the content.  There are some changes that are long over due, like character customization with transmogrification and moving tier gear to raid bosses only.  So what gripes do you have with 4.3?  What are you looking forward to?

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  1. I’m a bit worried about tier gear being in LFR. Those bonuses are nice enough that I can see mid-grade raiders running LFR to try to get the bonuses before they’re able to get tokens from normal mode and/or to equip the raid faster. We’ll have to see how it plays out.
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  2. Fluffy

    Never mind the mid-level raiders (of which I am one.) Unless things have changed from the PTR, you could queue up for LFR with a full 25-man raid. Let that sink in for a second in terms of what the remaining 25-man raiding guilds can do to game things for alts, etc.

  3. Good write up!

    One thing I would add to your point on weapon transmogrification and it’s limitations, is that the reason ranged weapons are left so versatile is because they do not have weapon specialisations. For example warriors have (at least as far as I can remember) three; poleaxes, swords and maces. While hunters have none. I suppose enemies (pvp) can determine which specialisation you are specced in if they see the weapon (a long shot theory).

    Interesting evaluations, I too am looking forward to raid finder! Also, I agree that raid gear and ‘the look’ should be given to those that do indeed raid.

    – Jamin
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