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Guild Anniversaries – How to Celebrate Properly

So I know I haven’t been posting much, but lately life has been hectic, my daughter has turned 8 months, going on 9 months shortly.  My basement is getting finished to create the Ceraphus Den.  I have spent a lot of time on my podcast, The Sundering, improving audio quality, lining up guests, etc.  Most importantly though I have been organizing guild events to celebrate my guild turning 7 years old!

In a few weeks my guild will celebrate our 7th anniversary, hard to imagine that we have been together for so long, technically we are older if you count Warcraft vanilla beta, but we’re not going to get into semantics here.

Either way, every anniversary I want to do something special for my guildies, this year for year 7 we have several fun things planned.

For my guild I always do a video, this video is usually a comprehensive look at what the guild has done over the past year.  It includes not only in-game video but it also includes out of game.  It includes pictures and activities the guild has done together outside of the game, such as LAN parties, BBQs, even Blizzcon.

Beyond the video in the past I haven’t done much else other than an in-game get together where we all raid a classic dungeon or do a special raid night or what not.

This year inspired by awards and contests going on throughout the blogosphere and podcast nation, I have gotten my co-host, Xia, on The Sundering to setup an award type event.  There are several categories for members to nominate their peers and later vote on the winner.  Now I have also challenged my officers to come up with some “secret award categories” that the officers themselves will pick, so if you are one of my guildies reading this, you will find out soon enough!

So after the voting is done I am looking at getting some awards together for the winners, a little something to ring in the holidays with, but overall its a way for the guild to do something together that isn’t just killing dragons or farming herbs.  While the past year may not have always been an easy road, my guildies still all work together they come together, they bond, they become a family.  The biggest thing I like to get across with my guild on our anniversary is how much I appreciate all of them, and this is my way of not celebrating a guild I created, but a guild they have raised from its infancy to what it is today.

What do your guilds do for anniversaries?  What other ways would you like to see a guild celebrate anniversaries?

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