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Blizzcon 2011 incoming…

So I have been slacking in writing on my blog, I apologize, there has been so much I have needed to get completed before Blizzcon.  Besides work kicking my ass lately, my guild building up from running 1 10, to 2 10s and now 1 25 man has been fun and challenging all at the same time.  Beyond all this my podcast, The Sundering, is recording episode 50 tonight!  I never imagined we would still be going, but its been so much fun recording it with my guildmates.

So with preparing for episode 50 of The Sundering for the past 2 weeks, tying up loose ends at work with my recent promotion, taking care of the #knightling and working to get my basement finished to finally have my man cave, needless to say my blog has suffered a bit.

But I am here today to give you a quick run down, Blizzcon 2011 is almost upon us.  This year I will have 6 of my fellow guildies from Phalanx of Nod, not including myself attending Blizzcon, including Xia my co-host on The Sundering.  This year beside the convention itself I plan on venturing forth with my guildies to the WoW Insider meetup Thursday night, Friday night, there seems to be a lot of parties going on including the Twisted Nether meetup.  Saturday of course is the Blizzcon after party in the lobby of my hotel, The Hilton.

At the convention I expect we will get more of a firm date for Diablo 3, possibly either a January or February release.  We will see more on the first expansion of Starcraft 2, Heart of the Swarm, which I expect a mid-summer release in June or July.  Then of course the big one, World of Warcraft.  I am willing to bet anything that we will see our first glimpses of our newest expansion, which many are speculating to be Mists of Pandaria.  Well this has the Warcraft folks divided, some really want to see this as the expansion, others are hoping this is just an iOS game Blizz has in the making.  Let me go out on a limb and say this will be the expansion, we will NOT get Pandaren as a playable race, but we will get a new character class, like the Monk which I wrote about in a previous post.  I suspect we will see this expansion around holiday 2012 if not sooner, as I don’t see Blizzard making us play the Deathwing raid for a full 12 months like they did with ICC in Wrath, that would be really bad for Blizzard’s subscription rate I think.

As it goes for Blizzcon 2011, the hotel is booked (The Hilton), transportation for guildies is taken care of from LAX, got my airfare taken care of, just need to print out the barcodes for the tickets, and get to packing, its only 3 work days left to go before I am flying out bright and early on Thursday morning to California.  Needless to say I am very excited to see all my guildies, all my twitter friends and attend what I expect to be one of the best Blizzcons ever.  Especially since Foo Fighters will be capping off the weekend.  I have listened to them since I was in high school, listened to Dave Grohl since he was in Nirvana, wow that makes me sound really old, and I have never been able to see them live for one reason or another.  My excitement level could not be higher.  I am ready to head out, get my geek on, get my drink on, and have a great time.

Until I head out, I got episode 50 of The Sundering tonight, maybe one more blog to post, after that see you all in Anaheim for Blizzcon 2011!

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