Dech’s Crock Pot Pulled Pork Sammiches

Dechion from Screaming into the Vacuum creates some tasty sandwiches, excuse me sammiches.  There better.  Well today he is bringing us a holiday favorite of his, but lets be honest these are good anytime, his pulled pork sammiches, along with some homemade BBQ sauce and Slaw to go with it.


  1. Small Bowl
  2. Aluminum Foil
  3. 2 Pans or Pots
  4. Large Mixing Bowl
  5. Plastic Wrap
  6. Meat Thermometer
  7. Container with Lid
  8. Baking Pan
  9. 2 Forks
  10. Slow Cooker / Crock Pot



  1. dech1Take the pork roast and place it in the fridge, and get cracking on the other stuff. Don’t’ worry, we’ll get back to it. Whatever you do don’t trim the fat off of it, we need it for flavor.
  2. Mix the rub ingredients in a small bowl until blended
  3. Now we are going to grab the pork roast out of the fridge, rub this generously on all sides, wrap in aluminum foil (shiny side in) and put it back in the fridge. Leave it at least 8 hours, preferably overnight
  4. Preheat Oven to 325º
  5. Place pork into a baking pan and cook for 6 hours, or until the meat thermometer reads 185-190º, make sure to place the meat thermometer into the middle away from the bone
  6. After the meat reads 185-190 reduce the oven temperature to about 250º and cook for 3 hours, using your meat thermometer you want to maintain an internal temperature of the pork at 170-180º
  7. Take the pork out and let rest for approximately 10 minutes
  8. Remove the pork from the aluminum foil and in the baking pan use your forks to pull the pork, remove all bones (heck feed the bones to the dog)


  1. Put all sauce ingredients in a pan on the stove under low heat and whisk till the brown sugar and salt have dissolved
  2. Pour into a container with the lid to store until ready to use


  1. Take all the cabbage, sweet onion, bell pepper and carrot, chop them up if they aren’t already, and place into a large mixing bowl
  2. Take the apple cider vinegar, olive oil, sugar, celery seed, dry mustard and salt, place into a pan, bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer until everything is good and dissolved
  3. Pour over the veggies and toss
  4. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until chilled, preferably overnight

Combining Sauce and Meat

  1. Take the pulled pork and place into the slow cooker
  2. Pour sauce over the pulled pork, mix thoroughly
  3. Set the slow cooker / crock pot to low and cook anywhere from 1 hour to overnight, depending on taste, or how hungry you are
  4. Stir pork occasionally while cooking in the slow cooker

Making the Sammich

  1. Take your sub/sandwich roll, cut it open (if not cut already)
  2. Take a heaping spoon of the pulled pork and place on the roll and spread it out
  3. Top with slaw
  4. Serve with chips and/or a pickle spear to complete the meal

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  1. Sheila

    Quite an overwhelmingly long list of ingredients but this is perfect. I’d like to try slow cooking. I should start preparing this tomorrow then. Thanks for sharing this recipe and wish me luck!
    Sheila´s last blog post ..CNA Courses

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