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Valor Points Back in Tier 11 – Finally or Bad Move?

Now this might be a week off the mark but recently Blizzard implemented a hotfix to add back in Valor Points to Tier 11.  This came about as the fans tried to understand why running Zul’Aman and Zul’Gurub heroics until you did your 7 got you capped, when both of them are below Tier 11 content from a gear perspective.  This is a concern I raised on episode 33 of The Sundering podcast in my discussion with Oestrus from the Stories of O.  I just didn’t feel it was right that I could cap out on Valor Points by running an instance that in my mind was sub-Tier 11, while Tier 11 gave out points that were sub the sub-Tier 11 heroics of ZA/ZG.  It was difficult for me to understand or even get behind as a casual raider.

I personally just don’t have the time even now with family and work responsibilities sometimes to get my 7 heroics in, but I do raid 2 nights a week, my guild raids 3, and am hopeful one day in the future I too will get back up to 3 raid nights again, but that is entirely based on my daughter going to sleep before raid time, but I digress.

But now that I got my wish of another way to at least work on capping valor points, is this really the right move?

I know many folks disagree with this change, it seems most of the more hardcore focused raiders.  I can see their point, that this almost makes it mandatory for raiding teams to go back and do Tier 11 content, which is taking away focus on their efforts in Firelands.  Though one can make the counter argument of “Your raiders don’t need to do Tier 11, they can just continue to run ZA/ZG and cap out.”

A fellow blogger Cynwise recently posted that he was very much in favor of adding valor points back to Tier 11, as it made sense.  To quote Cynwise from his blog post – On Zulroics, T11 Normal Raids, and Valor Points:

If we subscribe to the idea that rewards are commensurate to difficulty, adding T11 raids to the VP rewards equation makes a lot of sense.

I wholeheartedly agree with Cynwise, that devaluing T11, and having ZA/ZG more valuable seemed almost counter intuitive from a raiding perspective.  Granted you can still cap out on just ZA/ZG, and clearing BWD and BOT equates to about 3-4 ZA/ZG runs, it is still putting more value onto raiding to get the “raiding points”, instead of focusing on sub Tier 11 raiding content to get the “raiding points” you need to cap out.

Overall I am glad they put the focus back on raiding as one of the main ways to get Valor points, and yes I am OK with ZA/ZG continuing to offer Valor for folks to get capped, my biggest was always the fact that a 5 man heroic which offered sub tier 11 loot was giving out valor points when tier 11 raiding content, with the exception of heroic fights, was not.  So in my opinion all is right with the world.  I feel Blizzard made the right move.

3 Comments on Valor Points Back in Tier 11 – Finally or Bad Move?

  1. Cenaria

    I think it is great that they are giving Valour points for Tier 11 again. I run Alt raids with my guild and it is about 1000 times more enjoyable (even if we do wipe) than a ZA/ZG run. Although you can’t cap or come close (even with an entire Tier 11 clear) it is still great that it is part of the way 🙂

    • Ceraphus

      Valor in T11 is great as it lets us help gear up new folks and not feel like its a wasted evening for those who are geared. Definitely good stuff

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