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Tier 12 is Here – Do We Still Need a Justice Point Cap?

Many of the items we needed to complete Tier 11 were purchasable after we cleared the bosses in BoT, BWD, Baradin Hold and Throne of the 4 Winds.  To get into these raids many of us farmed heroics until our eyes bled to earn justice points to buy blue heroic gear to be competitive in Tier 11 content.  Now that Tier 12 is out, all the old items that we used to buy with valor points have been dumped down to the justice point vendor.

With a good bit of people now working on Firelands content, and old Tier 11 items in the justice point vendor, is it really necessary to restrict players via a cap?

I could certainly argue that a point cap was necessary to get folks into Tier 11 content.  The caps served as a gating mechanism, however now where a vast majority of players are working in Tier 12, they have most of the gear they need to do this content and don’t need most of what I like to call the new old justice point gear.  In fact there is now a glut of justice point boots on the auction house being sold by people because they don’t want to be capped, and buying elementium ore or crystals seems like a waste of justice points.

However the cap still exists, and all I see it doing is having people feel like they need to essentially throw away their justice points.  Then you have some of the newer players to Cataclysm, finally hitting 85, trying to gear up to join their guild in Firelands, but they are being slowed because of a cap that is really no longer necessary.  It is this group of players who I feel are the most hurt by this justice point cap.  Remove the cap Blizzard, let guilds get these new folks geared up quickly so they can play with their friends!

I have tried to think of a reason to have the justice point cap, and maybe after Firelands is no longer valid and the new hotness comes out, Blizzard may not want people to fill up too quickly on Tier 12 gear, but if thats the case, even at a minimum raise the cap to perhaps double what it is right now.  That will give folks some extra flexibility to do more things with those points if they want to.  Another option is to give us more uses for justice points, let us buy flasks for raids, fish feasts, materials to make leg armor, new recipes.  Give us something else we will just sit at the cap with the only thing to spend on it is overinflated materials and justice point boots.

I truly believe the cap served its purpose and we should remove it on justice points, keep it for valor.  If thats not something that will happen a compromise is to raise the justice point cap a bit higher to give folks more flexibility when hanging onto those points or give us more useful things to buy with our justice points.

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  1. mescyn

    While perhaps not strictly needed, it makes more sense to have than to turn the cap on and off depending on what tier of content you’re in, and does no harm.

  2. Why wouldn’t you have a cap? There’s nothing that costs over 4k, and if you’re grinding for gear you should be spending it. If you’re not grinding for gear, then it’s your own responsibility to go buy heirlooms, mats, whatever from the JP guy. Otherwise you’d wind up with either a) someone sitting on 40k JP for when T13 comes out and buying all the T12 or b) suddenly being told to use it or lose it.

    Is the cap necessary? Probably not. Does it really hurt anything? Only those that can’t bother to plan ahead or follow their own point gains.

    • Ceraphus

      For me and many of my friends & guildies, we don’t need the gear, the now T11 jp BOE boots don’t sell well on the AH, we don’t need the heirlooms, and the new ones are guild rewards anyway, and its not cost effective to buy the mats from the other vendor. For me I will most likely sit at 4K JP until T13 comes out, but I would think by then I wouldn’t need any of the valor items anyway.

      I wouldn’t mind seeing them giving us more options to use the JPs on if they insist on having a cap, flasks, feasts, materials to make both perhaps, something to ease the cost of raiding a tad, or maybe use JP to repair instead of gold?

  3. Bryterside

    If there was no cap, players would just stockpile and buy everything that would have cost valor the week before. The cap slows down that a bit. Other than some behind the scene programming issue, this seems to be the reasoning.

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