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The Struggles of a Casual Raid During the Summer

I have posted in the past regarding the summer slow down.  To catch you up the summer slow down is when the weather is nice, school is out, people begin to take family vacations.  All these things combine to take people outside.  But WoW players don’t go outside you say?  I beg to differ, especially in more casual guild settings, people have real lives outside the game, and it seems to hit casual guilds more so than focused raiding or hardcore guilds.

So now that we rehashed what the summer slow down is, lets talk about the struggles involved and some tips on how to fix it.

If you are like my guild, you may have been able to raid 25 mans at least once a week if not more.  All of a sudden, even with content getting easier, new content to tackle, you can’t field that 25 man anymore.  Now you are at maybe 2 10 mans, or even 1 10 man.  As you begin to see attendance drop you should be looking specifically at which classes you are missing more of.  Ask those in guild if they have geared alts that would like to step into these roles, or even offspecs that can meet these roles.

That’s one way to stop gap solve the attendance and potential attendance issues.  However its just not a sustainable option especially if people are doing this only for a short period of time.  Well then its time to open up recruitment, look for what you need, put your ad up on the guild finder in game.  Identify clearly what you want in the guild finder where you can put in free text.  Next up you will want to hit up trade channel, I know…I know, but its still one of the best ways to find folks.  The important thing to do is to get people in, and more people hang in trade chat than stare at guild finder ads.  Finally hit up social media to find folks to join your guild, with the ability to switch servers, it is much easier to recruit anyone out there.

Next up, you may want to shake up your schedule.  Perhaps attacking the progression content is not the best thing for your guild at this very moment.  Schedule a night to do some guild achievements, like classic raids, dungeons.  Maybe go and finish up getting a legendary for someone.  Maybe try rated battlegrounds if you haven’t, just do it for fun.

Also look at who may be showing up, are they geared enough for the latest content?  If not perhaps taking a few nights to go back through the now nerfed older content might be a quick way to help people catch up and a stop gap during the summer slow down.

Summer slow down you can see as a lack of attendance, and the results are there are sometimes more enticing things outside the game, so as the guild leader or officer its your job to keep coming into the game and hanging with your friends, help create a true social and fun experience.  It is that which will keep people coming back for more fun with their online friends, and help casual guilds survive the summer slow down.

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  1. You didn’t mention pugging–I know, I know, but sometimes recruiting for a spot that is gonna be filled as soon as so-and-so gets back from vacation is a bad idea. Raid Officers can and probably should keep a list of acceptable pugs–people you have had fill a spot in the past that actually knew how to raid and play their class. If your officers don’t have a running list or know people like this on your server, have them start one. It can really come in handy in a pinch! Just a suggestion.
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    • Ceraphus

      Thats an excellent point, and an oversight, as it is something I know I and some of my officers do, we will pug some folks in our raids and see how they do.

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