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Handing Out a Legendary

With Patch 4.2 Rage of the Firelands imminent, many guilds have the tough job of figuring out who is worthy among them to be the first to hold Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest.  This legendary staff is for your DPS casters, and most casters are drooling over the prospect of holding it.  With an epic quest chain of 14 steps some of which will require the guild to clear Firelands raid bosses multiple times over, this staff will no doubt take a guild effort to put together.  At the end the entire guild will get a non-combat pet for their trouble.

However deciding who will be the first is one of the toughest decisions you need to make.  So maybe breaking down how I made my decision will help others.

The first thing I did was I created a list of all my guild’s raiding DPS casters.  I can’t stress that only our raiding caster DPS was put on my list.  Friends and Family were not even considered.  From the list I saw some names that jumped out at me, but it required more in depth look.  So I defined three criteria to which I answered for each person.

1. What is this person’s commitment to the guild?

So I began answering these questions.  What role have they stepped into in the guild, have they stepped into a class lead role without being asked.  Are they an officer?  What have they done in that role.  Have they helped shape guild policy for the better?  How long have they been a member of the guild.

Much of this question boiled down to longevity, how long they have been in the guild.  But more importantly what have they done since being here.  Was it simply showing up, or did they help others show up?

2. What has this person’s Cataclysm Raid participation been?

This question was pretty straight forward.  Have they showed up to raids?  I looked for those folks who didn’t mind the long nights bashing our heads against content trying to progress.  Those who skipped on the harder nights or took long breaks without saying anything were also noted.

I looked over attendance of how many times this person has shown up and when they didn’t.  When they showed up did they offer to sit on progression nights or farm nights?  Do they show up only on farm nights, or equally?  Many times participation ties back to the first criteria, commitment.  Also how many times did they show up to raids prepared, knowing the fights, having the right flasks, etc.

3. How have they helped the guild?

Finally I looked at how has this person really helped the guild.  Sure some guildies have donated for vent servers, or self host our guild site.  Others helped their fellow teammates, and not just by passing on loot, but did they help someone improve?  Have I seen or heard of their efforts to quest, or run dungeons with someone to help them gear up?  When raiding do they gripe if I sit them, or do they suggest they sit for someone else who may benefit from a particular drop or experience more than them?

This criteria is more of a mindset of someone who is looking at how to build a stronger team, a stronger guild.  This criteria was looking at how have they helped the guild progress, not only in raid content but thrive.

Making the Decision

For me I made the decision by myself.  I did not involve my officers, I didn’t want personal opinions I looked at the facts.  In the end there was only one person who stood out.  A member of the guild almost as long as me (6+ years), an officer for all of those years.  Even during an extended break, he would be active on the guild forums, posting suggestions, helping to shape policies.  Over the years through different loot systems and expansions watching him pass on loot to those who needed it more, even though he could have easily won the item.

I watched this person sit down for hours at a time with people at training dummies going over spec and rotations.  This guy has leveled up numerous alts in his day just to fill gaps when needed.  This person has never asked for anything from the guild or anyone in the guild.  So my choice was simple.

Now when you make your decision, if its close I would say you have some options, have  a vote among the officers or the guild.  My recommendation if you do, leave out the DPS casters, as they are all competing against one another for the item, let the other guildies vote, your tanks, healers, melee dps.  Who do they feel is the most worthy?  Now the biggest mistake you could make is to give this to someone who makes an ultimatum that they will leave the guild, or some other threat.  This legendary is a reward the entire guild needs to work for, and the recipient should be worthy of that guild effort.

When I ultimately made my decision there was no backlash, there was no questions of why or drama.  This person was an easy choice, because he has helped so many.  In fact even if I had opened it up to a vote, I am 99.9% sure he would have received the votes from the entire guild.

Details on the Legendary Item

Patch 4.2 a Legendary Engagement

How to get the staff:

1. A Legendary Engagement – Pick up the quest from a capital.
2. A Wrinkle in Time
3. All-Seeing Eye
4. On a Wing and a Prayer
5. Through a Glass, Darkly
6. Actionable Intelligence
7. Delegation
8. Nordrassil’s Bough
9. Emergency Extraction
10. At One
11. Time Grows Short
12. Alignment
13. Heart of Flame
14. The Stuff of Legends