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Dear Blizzard – Guild Housing a Compromise

Every developer chat session, someone asks the inevitable what about guild housing?  Every time the response is always the same, “we have no plans of doing it”.  The reasoning Blizzard always provides is they don’t want to create instanced guild housing because people would leave the cities, and they want cities to feel alive.  Even with this reasoning, which honestly meets sense, people continue to ask about it, over and over.  Obviously there is a demand for it, but how can they meet the demands of the player community but also hold true to their ideals of not making cities abandoned?

Well I think I have a solid compromise for everyone involved…

What if guild housing wasn’t instanced, but was more of guild bank type of mechanic?  The guild bank, lets the guild member look at just their guild’s bank.  What if we had a component in one of the districts of the major cities where it was similar to looking like guild housing on the outside, but when you clicked the gear on say the door, you were able to see inside of the “guild house”.

What would be in the guild house, or what would you see in this window?  Well how about in one part of the interface you could see the heads of all bosses the guild defeated.  The heads would be mounted on wooden trophy panels and you could scroll through and see when was the first time they were killed and who was involved in the kill.

Another thing we could see is a way to commission some of the guild’s crafters.  You could put in a request, provide mats if you have them so a crafter could go in and craft the item you want.  This will help promote more of a guild crafting and trading scenario.  Though this functionality could be mimicked with the guild bank and mail to an extent but a more fun interface could be created for the guild housing.

Now another option that might be a bit more controversial is allowing guild members to post up items they have either found or made with a guild type vendor to sell.  This could work where the guild either guarantees a price for the item higher than standard vendor and once sold to a guild member the money goes to the guild bank.  Or the option would be to post it up for a price on the vendor and once sold the money goes to the guild member who posted up.  Unlike the auction house it would maybe not cost anything to post up depending on guild reputation.  The controversial part is, would this potentially kill off the auction house, or make people use it far less?  I’m not sure.

Other than those features, perhaps provide a way for the guild to customize the look of the window, create different “rooms” within the guild housing window, maybe something like tabs.  Allow them to decorate it with trophies, and other items that one could buy when the guild hits a certain level.  Maybe allow this look at a guild house open to others to see how well off a guild is or their own personal style.

These are only some options, but it would basically allow guild housing to exist while also not removing people from the cities, which is Blizzard’s biggest issue with creating guild housing to begin with.  I am sure there are many other ideas out there as well on what to include.  Now I am not really in favor of guild housing or against it, but I feel this would be a solid compromise on both ends.



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