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Guild Achievements with Rewards

In Cataclysm, one of the biggest additions is guild leveling with perks and rewards.  Guild rewards aren’t just gained when then guild levels, but when the guild as a whole earns specific achievements.  Some of these achievements are not only beneficial, but in some cases almost necessary, particularly for advancement in PVE.

What achievements your guild goes after first, is a matter of personal guild preference to match with your goals, but I will go through the achievements that provide a tangible reward for all members (specific reputation with the guild may be needed).

I will focus on achievements that are earned as a result of working towards a particular goal, and not as a result of simply leveling the guild and earning perks.

1. A Daily Routine

Complete 15,000 daily quests.  This is a lot of daily quests.  At a cap of 25 daily quests per character a day, it would take 1 person doing all 25 dailies 600 days to complete.  10 people doing 25 quests daily quests every day would take 60 days for the guild to complete this achievement.

The reward for completing this is Battle Standard of Coordination.  This little reward is especially nice for adding more experience for leveling alts, most likely you won’t be able to use this on your main unless you are far behind the curve and your guild already completed this achievement.

2. A Class Act

Probably one of the easier achievements, simply get 1 of each class to 85, the gotcha is each level 85 must be honored with the guild in order for it to count.

The reward for obtaining this achievement will be a nice extra hearth, Shroud of Cooperation, to your faction’s main city, either Stormwind or Orgrimmar.

3. Alliance Slayer / Horde Slayer

Both of these act like meta achievements, where you need to kill each race/class combination.  For example some of the sub achievements of this guild meta achievement are Human Slayer / Orc Slayer.  Not hard to do if you are a PVP nut, or have many guildies who love to camp out battlegrounds.

The reward for completing this PVP related achievement is a Guild Page.  The guild page is nothing more than a non-combat pet that follows you around which holds a banner for your guild tabard, which lets you sell your junk/vendor trash to while also giving you access to the guild vendor.

4. Better Leveling Through Chemistry / Mix Master

Craft 25,000 / 10,000 Cataclysm flasks.  The 25,000 flasks gives you access to the 25 man cauldron, the 10,000 flask achievement yields the 10 man cauldron recipe.  No matter how you slice it that’s a lot of flasks. It looks like these achievements have been hotfixed so that they do not take as many flasks as they once did.  Mix Master now requires 1,000 flasks, down from 10,000, Better Leveling Through Chemistry now requires 3000 flasks down from 25,000 (source).  The following flasks count towards the achievement:

Now assuming you make 2000 250 of each flask type you are looking at needing the following materials to hit the 10,000 1000 flask achievement, multiply the below by 3 in order to hit 25,000 3000:

Assuming 250 of each of the 5 contributing flasks is made, you would need:

Assuming you have 3 alchemists without flask procs, making 10 flasks a day each, that would take 34 days to hit the 10,000 1000 flask achievement and 100 days to reach the 25,000 3000 flask achievement.

The reward for 10,000 1000 flasks is Recipe: Cauldron of Battle.  The 25,000 3000 flask reward is Recipe: Big Cauldron of Battle.  While both are very nice to have, the fact that the 10 man version only makes 7 flasks, and the 25 man allows 17 uses, is bizarre, meaning you would need to make 2 cauldrons for each type of raid for each time you need a flask, 10 man leaving 3 people out, and the 25 man leaving 8 people out.

While these are nice, it shouldn’t be high on your priority list to get these as the logistics of how many flasks they give per appropriate raid size is quite odd.  Now that being said if your guild hits level 20, you receive the guild perk “Happy Hour” which will increase the number of flasks gained by 50%, which all of a sudden makes these cauldrons useful.

5. Critter Kill Squad

Kill 50,000 critters.  All those little bunnies, snakes, rats that infest the zones that are of type “critter” help you out with earning this achievement.  Recently WoW Insider wrote a short guide on this achievement.  However as I have told my guild, one of the best ways to get this is as your members level and they see a critter just kill it and keep moving on.

The reward is a non-combat pet, armadillo pup.  While it doesn’t provide any PVE or PVP benefit, non-combat pets are fun.  But I wouldn’t prioritize this higher than some of the other achievements.

6. Guild Cataclysm Dungeon Hero

This one is an easy one to get once your members are all available to run heroics.  The only thing you need to do is run guild heroic runs, meaning at least 4 people minimum in a 5 man group to earn the achievement for completing each Cataclysm heroic dungeon to earn this meta achievements.

The reward is Standard of Unity.  This is the rare version of the Battle Standard of Cooperation.  This reward is the same but provides 2% less experience or honor gain than its epic cousin.  This is great for battleground honor farming, or even leveling alts.

7. Guild Glory to the Cataclysm Raider

This one is going to be a bit tougher to earn as it requires your guild to complete each of the entry Cataclysm raids:

The reward for this is the Dark Phoenix mount.  Which who doesn’t like a rare awesome flying mount?  This achievement will come naturally to raiding guilds in due time.

8. Master Crafter

Craft 1500 epic items.  The toughest part of this is your crafters getting the materials to make this, as the epic items require the Chaos Orbs from heroic runs, so assuming 1 crafter, needing only 1 Chaos Orb, you are looking at a minimum 1500 heroic runs, more if the crafter doesn’t win the Chaos Orb.

The reward from this is the Cloak of Coordination, which is the epic version of the Shroud of Cooperation, providing a free hearth to your faction’s home city on a 2 hour cooldown.

9. Profit Sharing

Loot 100,000 gold from creatures.  That’s a lot of gold to loot for a guild.  The money doesn’t count on vendoring items, only on money you loot from mobs.  So if you kill an animal mob that drops no gold, well it only takes longer to reach this achievements.

The reward is a Guild Herald.  Very similar to the guild page giving access to the guild vendor and showing your guild’s tabard via a non-combat pet.  The Herald has a 4 hour cooldown where the page has an 8 hour cooldown.

10. Set the Oven to “Cataclysmic”

Cook up 5000 cataclysm recipes.  By far one of the more reasonable achievements that provide a tangible reward.  Assuming one is also fishing, one can imagine that someone will be able to cook at least 10 cataclysm recipes a day.  Assuming 1 person, this would take 500 days, 3 people would take 167 days, 10 people 50 days, etc.

The reward, Recipe: Broiled Dragon Feast, will most likely be the first “feast” recipe you get in Cataclysm.  This is hugely beneficial to raiding, not much more than everyone bringing their own food.  However it is able to get everyone with a food buff especially if you have a few slackers in the group.  Also while not providing a direct benefit will help you get closer to another guild achievement: Dinner Party.

11. Stay Classy (Alliance) / Stay Classy (Horde)

These are meta achievements for each faction to level one of each race class combination to level 85.  For example Classy Humans / Classy Orcs, would need to be completed along with each race /class combination.  This poses a challenge as many race class combinations are not desirable or just not favorable such as Dwarf Rogues.

However upon completing this achievement, which may take a very long time as it also requires the person who leveled to 85 to also be honored with the guild you get the Guild Vault Voucher (8th slot), giving you your final 8th guild bank tab.

12. That’s A Lot of Bait

Now this is quite the hefty requirement.  Catch 10,000 fish from fishing pools.  This is hefty because many folks dislike fishing, they see it as boring, mundane, etc.  If you consider 3 fish per pool, that would require you to fish in 3,334 pools until you catch enough fish.  If you assume 10 guild members each take a pool, that’s 334 pools per person, assuming each person fishes in 10 pools a day, this would take approximately 34 days with 10 people fishing in 10 pools a day.

Now the reward though is the ultimate feast in Cataclysm for raiding.  Providing the most power stat buff.  The reward, Recipe: Seafood Magnifique Feast, provides 90 stamina and 90 in another useful stat, that is 30 more than the dragon feast.

13. United Nations

Earn 55 exalted reputations.  The first in the series is called Diplomacy, the next is Ambassadors.  Essentially you need to earn 55 unique reputations across all guild members.  The gotcha it seems is to earn this achievement, is that those who count towards the 55 need to be revered with the guild.

Upon completing this the reward is Dark Phoenix Hatchling.  So while not useful for raiding or PVP, it does provide a nice non-combat pet.

14. Working as a Team

This one seems fairly straight forward, earn 525 in each profession in the guild.  One must be honored with the guild for their profession to count towards this achievement.

The reward for this is Banner of Cooperation, the uncommon version of the Standard of Unity and Battle Standard of Coordination.  Providing 2% improved experience and honor gain near the banner for the party.


As you can see there are 14 achievements that can be earned outside the standard of leveling the guild.  The ones that you should focus on are largely up to you and your guild.  If you are a PVE guild, I would recommend obtaining those items which will make raiding easier, like That’s A Lot of Bait.  If you are mostly a casual guild, then perhaps the achievements which offer ways to help level alts, etc may be more to your liking.

I am hoping that Blizzard expands on the achievements which yield rewards, even if cosmetic, as I feel the changes they introduced with guild leveling and achievements has united guilds more than raiding or pvp ever could in previous expansions.

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