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Navigating the Guild UI

Many people I have found are still oblivious to some of the changes in the guild UI, and even more so some are still wondering why the “O” button no longer includes a guild tab.  To start the guild UI is now opened with “J”, why J?  Guess Blizzard figured “G” would be too damn confusing…who knows, you can remap it.

The thing is that many of the things you had to do manually or with mods before Cataclysm has been built into the Guild UI, most people don’t realize just how powerful and how much information the new guild interface truly is, lets explore it…

After hitting “J” and opening your guild interface, or by opening it from your micro menu, located to the right of your quest log, you will be on the guild tab.

Guild Tab

At the very top of the guild tab, you will see your guild name, followed by the level, faction and also your guild crest to the far left.  Below this will be an experience bar, which indicates how much your guild has leveled.  You will also notice there are arrows at the top and bottom on the far right of the bar, this indicates where the experience cap is for the day.  If you mouse over the guild experience bar, it will tell you how you can earn experience, the current experience, and also how much into the daily cap you are.

Below all this is a summary of the guild news and events.  You will see the Message of the Day (MotD), recent guild achievements, and finally the schedule of upcoming guild events.  Its important to note here that it will only show guild events.  So if you just create an event and don’t specify it as a guild event it will not appear here.  By clicking on the specific event, it will open the in-game calendar and take you to that event.

Next up is the Guild Perks section, here you will see what was the latest perk your guild earned and what is the next perk your guild is in line to earn.  Clicking on the “View All Guild Perks” will open up all the guild perks so you can see which ones will come next.

Finally at the very bottom you have your current guild reputation, patch 4.0.6 says this will also show what your weekly reputation cap is at.  It also shows how many members are online listed in the bottom right corner of the tab.

Roster Tab

The roster tab is really one of the main bread and butter tabs for the new guild UI.  This contains your roster, stats, achievements, and now professions

At the very top right you will see a “View” with a drop down.

The first view is Player Status

This tab will show player levels on the far left, their class icon, their character names (in the color of their class) and also what zone they are in.  By clicking any of the column headers you can sort this view.  Its also good to note you can click in the bottom left to “Show Offline Members” in this view.

The second view is the Guild Status

In this view you see the character name, their guild rank, their public note, and when they were last online.  As you can see everyone’s last online shows “Online”, but if you checked “Show Offline Members” you will see how long its been since a particular person last logged in.  Just like the previous view, by clicking on the top headers you can sort the data in this view.

The 3rd view is Guild Activity (weekly)

In this view you see the characters level, their class icon, name, their guild rank for the week in how many guild experience points they earned for the guild.  Clicking any of the top columns will sort this view and you can also check “Show Offline Members” in the bottom left.

The 4th view is Guild Activity (total)

Similar to the previous view, this view shows the total guild experience earned by person and what their rank is since the start of the guild leveling process.  Checking “Show Offline Members” will give you a holistic view of all current guild members and their rank as it pertains to leveling the guild.

The 5th view is Achievement Points

This view shows all guild members and their respective achievement points, along with their guild rank.  Clicking the top column headers lets you sort the data, you also have the option of showing offline members if you click the checkbox in the bottom left.

Finally the 6th view is probably one of the most useful views and pieces of functionality that has been added to the guild interface.  This view is Professions.

When choosing this view you can choose a profession (greyed out profession means no one in the guild has it, or no one online has that profession).  When you click that profession it will open up showing all those guild members online who have the profession along with their rank.  Clicking a particular person you can view what items they can make.  Gone are the days of asking someone to link their entire profession to see what they have.  Also if you click “Show Offline Members” in the bottom left you can also search for professions of those who aren’t online currently as well.  All in all this is one of the slickest tabs.

News Tab

The news tab will show you all the achievements, loot, raid encounters, and guild levels that goes on over the course of several days.  As you can see you can click the top right area under the experience bar in order to filter out certain things, so if you only want to see guild achievements and not member achievements, uncheck member achievements.

Rewards Tab

Over the course of leveling the guild, earning achievements your guild can unlock or earn rewards.  Outside of visiting the guild vendor, or by summoning a guild page or herald (both guild rewards) the only other way to identify what rewards there are and what you have available to you is by looking at the rewards tab on the guild interface.

Locked rewards you can see what they require to unlock them.  By hovering over lets say Guild Herald, you see it requires Profit Sharing, but what is that?  When you hover over it, it tells you that you need to loot 100K gold from monsters as a guild to unlock that reward.

By right clicking on the reward you get 2 options 1 to link it in guild chat, the other is to view the specific achievement the reward is for

Info Tab

The final tab is the info tab, and its just what the name implies, it shows you information on the guild.

The first section shows upcoming guild events.  Clicking on them will open that event from the in game calendar

The second section is Message of the Day, and will contain whatever the MotD is.

Finally you have Guild Information.  This is typically where you might find standard guild information, like guild website, voice chat server information, etc.

On all three of these sections if you have the appropriate access you can click on the “Click to Edit” and modify each section.

Also you have the option to Add a guild member (far left button), if you have the right access in the guild, the middle button will show a log of those who joined, left, promoted or demoted in the guild, and finally you have guild control.  To learn more about suggestions regarding setting up guild control see the post Cataclysm Guild Control.


So this should cover most of the nuances and general use of the new guild interface.  Hopefully folks will have a better understanding of how it works and where they can go to find information on their own.

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