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The Cataclysm 5

Five days remain until Cataclysm.  Five days is a lot to get you and your characters ready.  The question is in 5 day what can you realistically get accomplished?  Well this list I will provide may not match with everyone’s goals but consider it a checklist of suggestions to take care of, and not necessarily what you need to do on each day, but what you should accomplish in 5 days time.

Thursday – 12/2

If you are not in a guild, or unhappy with your current guild start looking.  Go to your realm forums, find a guild that may meet your some of your needs like:

  • Casual vs Hardcore Progression
  • 10 vs 25 man
  • Raid Times
  • Age Restrictions / Maturity of the membership

Friday – 12/3

Submit time off, plan to be sick, or come up with some excuse to stay home next week.  Work from home if you can.  Basically make preparations to play as much as possible.  Make sure to have food and drink readily available at home so you don’t need to leave the house if at all.  This way you can focus on the awesomeness of Cataclysm for an entire week with limited interruption.

Saturday – 12/4

Clean out your banks!  Find all the junk you don’t plan on using and get it up on the auction house.  Make some cash for use come Cataclysm for new gear, mats, repairs, etc.  Also if you are a guild leader, clean out your guild bank, make some extra gold for the guild and make room for new Cataclysm goodies.

Sunday – 12/5

Make sure to scout out Blackrock Caverns, and learn the location so that once Cataclysm comes out you can use the LFD tool to get to it, either via PUG or with your guild seeking out a 5th person.

Monday – 12/6

If you haven’t already either purchase via the digital download or be prepared to pick up your reserved copy of Cataclysm at a local store.  Midnight releases means lines will most likely form several hours earlier.  Make sure you have snacks and drinks while you stay in line.  Portable gaming systems also help.  Getting a nap in before you go to pick up the game will also help.

Please note that Cataclysm is not playable until 12am PT, which means 1am MT, 2am CT, and 3am ET.  So once you get the game home, and install (assuming you haven’t gotten the digital download.  So once you get home, install the game, and try to get some sleep if you are not on the west coast, because I guarantee you won’t get much.

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