Guild & Raid

Cataclysm Guild Control

In Cataclysm with the rush for people to get to 85, run heroics and begin raiding, one item that may have been overlooked is restructuring guild control and the new features to manage your guild.

There is a good bit of change that should be reviewed and acted upon

The first thing you will notice is the guild interface has changed dramatically, I say for the better.  Where you see your guild level bar, guild news, upcoming events, and your latest perks earned.

Now clicking on the Info tab for guild leaders lets you access the guild controls, a button in the lower right.

Upon opening guild control your first point to access is your guild ranks

It is important to note you can now move ranks up and down, create new ranks and position them wherever you want into the hierarchy.  This will come in handy with probably one of the single greatest and also one of the more frustrating features blizzard has implemented with regards to guild access and control.  This feature is flagging a rank to require an authenticator.

As you can see the option applies to a specific rank when you select rank permissions and will be at the top left, under the rank to modify drop down box.

The great thing about this is you can set ranks to require the authenticator and later only allow those with authenticator access to get into your guild bank.  This will prevent a lot of headaches should someone without an authenticator (yes some folks still do not have one) from being hacked and compromising your guild’s treasures.

The frustrating part of this feature is you can’t flag a rank already in use.  So either move everyone out of that rank first, then flag it and start moving folks back or create a new rank.

The other frustrating part is that on the player.  Some players who do have an authenticator are flagged as not having them, and even after 72 hours they still might not show as having one.  If you have a guild member who falls into this scenario the only way to fix it is to have the player open an in-game ticket to get their account properly flagged.

After you decide to use this flag, you will need to setup guild permissions for the ranks, as in who can talk/listen in guild chat, what notes they have access to, can they use guild bank funds, etc.

Make sure to only give remove privileges to the officers, as removing people from the guild can impact the reputation they have earned, and even in jest can have some real consequences.

If you plan on utilizing the “Requires Authenticator” flag, I recommend a guild structure as follows:

1. Guild Leader

  • All access

2. Officer & Officer Alts

  • Requires Authenticator
  • Restrict to a majority of responsibilities, up to the guild leader

3. Raider (with Authenticator)

  • Requires Authenticator
  • Restrict access as needed

4. Raider (without Authenticator)

  • Does not require an Authenticator
  • Restrict access, particularly don’t allow them to promote/demote, change any notes

5. FnF/Alt

  • Does not require an Authenticator
  • Restrict access as appropriate

Now I setup 2 FnF/Alt ranks, 1 for those with authenticators and those without, but it is entirely up to the individual guild leader and officers if they want to put that layer of control.

You may be asking why so many different ranks for the same purpose, well with restricting to those with guild authenticators you can limit certain ranks from what they can do in a guild bank, as guild bank permissions are another drop down option under guild control.

Select which rank you want to modify, then decide which tabs that particular rank can view, withdraw from, etc.  I would limit those ranks without authenticators to only letting those ranks to view and donate to that particular tab.

Limiting it in this manner will save the guild a lot of heartache if someone was compromised and was able to empty out the guild bank.  This is accomplished by not allowing you to have an officer without an authenticator, and also guild members who may have 9 alts in the guild without an authenticator from emptying out precious new Cataclysm materials that are needed for raiding and gearing.

Setting up your guild in this manner will keep you more sane in the long run as a guild leader, officer or even member.  It will keep ranks separated to a point where you know who is fulfilling what role and what each person should have access to.