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The Alliance Need a Battle Cry

At Blizzcon 2010 one question was brought up a few times.  That question was, when is the Alliance going to get a decent battle cry.  For me this is something that has really been lacking on the Alliance.  Not that we need one to be relevant, but I feel its time the nations under the Alliance banner had a unifying yell.

The Horde have “For the Horde!”, which was heard many times during Blizzcon.  When it was asked where are the Alliance, all we could do was cheer.  Now many reading this who are horde will probably not care, but this problem is potentially impacting the lack of pride the Alliance feel in itself, causing PvP queues to be longer.  Not saying this is the sole reason, but it could be one of them

At Blizzcon the designers said they recognized this as an issue and something they are working on.  What they were thinking about had to be cool and they wanted the Alliance to feel prideful of the battle cry but it had to be something that fit.

On the European forums a thread was started regarding the alliance needing a new battle cry.  As you can see this thread grew quickly.  But at the same time also received some blue posts which provided some suggestions like:

  • Justice and Glory!
  • Show them no quarter!
  • Alliance for Justice
  • Alliance for Glory
  • Alliance Forever

Of course many have suggested what about using “For the Alliance”.  While it would be easy to do that as this saying has been around in many of the Warcraft games, its a bit long syllable wise.  Also its too close to “For the Horde”.  The Alliance need something short yet distinctive that Alliance players would want to say.

Another post sprung up on the new WoW forums in the US, but unfortunately did not get the same kind of response the EU forums received.  However it was mentioned a few times Varian Wrynn does yell out “Glory to the Alliance” on numerous occasions.  While this could be the Alliance battle cry, it seems quite long.  Some of the better suggestions in this thread were:

  • For Glory
  • For Justice

In the end though the Alliance still do not have a battle cry, and while united, they are disjointed and without a single unifying call to unite them all in battle.  With the war between the Alliance and Horde escalating with Cataclysm, its more important than ever to have this identified and put into the game.  Now I know its easy to make jokes as Horde players about what the Alliance battle cry should be, but what are your serious suggestions for the Alliance battle cry?  What should it be?

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  2. LadyScylla80

    For the Light! (tho that is still close to For the horde!)

    I really do like Glory to the Alliance

    To Victory!
    or tho it is a bit long Victory to the Alliance!

    I see nothing wrong with us having a Battle Cry that is a tad long. Since Alliance is 3 syllables its really hard to make a battle cry as short as the Hordes while still mentioning the Alliance. and I personally would love to see Alliance in our Battle Cry.

    Just my two cents. I am glad you brought this topic up though, I have felt we needed one for a long time.

    • Ceraphus

      @LadyScylla80, yeah Alliance in a battle cry makes it difficult, but as long as its catchy and the alliance players feel they can get behind it I think we will be in good shape. But whatever they do, it needs to be put into the game, and it needs to be widespread

    • Ceraphus

      @Oestrus, I fear that “we’re working on it” is going to be the slogan for a long, long time…just don’t think many blizz devs care much for the Alliance lately

  3. I’ve sat and thought about this a few times now, and I just really can’t find anything that fits.

    It’s one of the reasons I didn’t want to go Alliance after starting out on a Horde server and it’s something I notice and feel every time that I’m playing my Alliance toons. We’re not a group. We’re not a single unit striving for the same purpose, we’re just a bunch of random people all scared of the big green machine.

    When I log onto my Horde toons and step foot into a Horde city (other than SMC) I have that sense of oneness, that I belong as a part of that team. It’s something I honestly feel when I’m playing the game and it’s why I’m constantly drawn back to Horde even though we’ve gone for over a year solid as purely Alliance. I love my Alliance guild and I really like the server and their ally-side economy and such, but if the guild wasn’t there I’d go rushing back to the Horde in a heartbeat.

    It’s not just the battlecry, but the battlecry says it all – For the Horde!
    Psynister´s last blog post ..Hand-Me-Downs- A Poor Man’s Heirlooms

    • Ceraphus

      @Psynister, Oh definitely its lacking, one of the reasons why I play a horde toon every now and then, just to feel that sense of a massive army with 1 goal

  4. Charlie

    I always thought it was FOR GNOMEREGAN *said on comms in gnome voice* Hell I’m Horde now and I still say it sometimes 😀

    • Ceraphus

      @Charlie, well with the fractioning and distrust in the horde right now, I see this as a good time where the Alliance can band together, and they need a true unifying battle cry. Unfortunately I am not sure the gnomes scare anyone

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