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Staying Engaged Until Cataclysm

With Cataclysm about a month away, many people have left the game to take a break.  Leaving many guilds short handed for raiding and other events.  Most people don’t really see a reason to play Warcraft at the moment, but perhaps there is a reason you should remain engaged, especially with your guild.

Recently patch 4.0.1 brought forth new quests and the start of the elemental invasion.  While this is engaging for a time and can mostly be done solo, there isn’t much to bring people together.  The social aspect of WoW is probably one of the most important aspects to the game and why it has thrived.

In the next few weeks, we will see more quests appear for the pre-Cataclysm events.  Also elemental invasions in mass on the cities.  This will also bring about 5 man fights that drop substantial gear that everyone will want their alts to get in on.  This certainly will help get people interested in the game and interacting with one another at the same time.

Its during this time of the new 5 man encounters is when we can begin to reforge friendships and bond with our guildies.  Why is this important?  Well namely because of the unparalleled guild involvement forthcoming in Cataclysm.  Between guild achievements, guild leveling, and guild perks there will be a whole new level of guild interaction that has been lacking in the game since its inception.

The only way these perks and achievements will be achieved is through teamwork, taking time out of what you are doing to help the collective.

So what can you do now if you are burnt out on ICC and Ruby Sanctum just doesn’t cut it?  Well believe it or not there are plenty of things to do as a guild.

1. Ulduar Hard Modes – Go get your rusted proto drakes, it is still a bit challenging, possibly even get yourself a Mimiron’s head mount.

2. Algalon – Get your Starcaller title, this guy is activated by doing some of the hard modes in Ulduar, and its a mechanics fight mostly, so can pose some challenges to the group.

3. Obsidian Sanctum 3D – Zerg rush Sartharion, get your guildies their black drakes.  Keep running it all the way up until Cataclysm

4. Onyxia – Yup remember she drops a mount, its pretty cool.  Granted its a small chance it will drop, but its quick and something fun you can do without a lot of coordination and plenty of joking.

5. Zul’Gurub – This raid is easily soloable by many people, however do it as a guild, make it quick and run folks through.  Chance to get 2 mounts, and even get to Exalted with a group that is going away.

6. Old School Raids – Its no secret now that we will be seeing Ragnaros and Nefarian again in Cataclysm, much bigger and badder.  Well to get the story behind it run your guildies through Molten Core and Blackwing Lair.  Get the full experience.

7.  Frost Brood Mount – If you aren’t sick of ICC by now, go for the hard modes, try for your frost brood mount.

8. Undying – If you haven’t yet received the title, its a good time go after it.  Get your friends together, go into Naxx and take out the bosses and get your title.  Its easy, and you probably outgear the raid by a ton making this an easy achievement to get.

9.  Work on Legendaries – Start your guild’s quest to gather all the legendary items, go to MC, BWL, Ulduar, Black Temple.  Get moving on those legendary items to be ahead of the game on the guild achievement.

10. Guild raid on enemy cities –  Get prepared for rated battlegrounds by rounding up your guildies and marching on an opposing faction’s city.

There are of course many other guild related activities to do in the final weeks before the next expansion.  I strongly encourage you to take advantage of them, bond with your teammates before the expansion.  It will make the Cataclysm much more enjoyable.

My guild has enjoyed doing old school runs, mount runs, and we just finished Ulduar hard modes.  Not sure what we will do next, but every time I tell people we are still raiding, they are shocked that we have created such a close group that wants to keep running content.

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  2. At first I thought you were talking about relationships, seeing as how I just got engaged. Then I read the post and I realized you were talking about staying engaged in the game. I was a little worried for you there my friend!

    Great list though. How about getting your Chef’s Hat for 100 Dalaran Cooking Awards. That took me a while and a lot of patience!!
    Bronte´s last blog post ..“Syp Sees Insane People” or “Madhouse- Redefined”

    • Ceraphus

      @Bronte, Nah, I am happily married, so yeah originally I was trying to write how people should remain engaged with their guilds during this lull in action before Cataclysm. The Chef’s hat is definitely something to get done by yourself, I remember it taking a while. I should write up what things you can do as an individual next up as I have been doing some rep farming on my DK prior to Clysm.

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