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Legendary Memento

So looking back at all the junk I have acquired over the years in WoW, I realized, I am as big of a pack rat in game as I am out of game. From trinkets to fun items like my pet biscuits on my DK, my Brewfest mug, my portable in-game keg.

However none have been a greater memento than one item that I have on my pally, granted he is an alt of mine now, but its still my most coveted possession.

So what is this item, well it is none other than my guild’s first legendary, Sulfuras Hand of Ragnaros.  There was a contest for who could collect the mats by themselves first, and I was the lucky one to do it, and was able to create our guild’s first Sulfuras.


I remember sitting on the mats to make the epic hammer, and then waiting several months for the item to drop off of Ragnaros for us to finish it up.  Week after week we would rush through MC to get people their Tier 2 legs from Ragnaros and the item never dropped, finally Eye of Sulfuras dropped, and many members of my guild accompanied me to Ironforge where we promptly created our first legendary and paraded around Ironforge.

In Burning Crusade I remember leveling up using it on my paladin, and it was a sad day when I hit Nagrand and got a new blue 2h item that was better than it and I had to stash it away.

I dream of the day when Blizzard will let us scale the legendaries, so I can perhaps use it again.

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