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Guild Leveling: Large vs Small

Recently Blizzard has been making several updates to the guild leveling in the beta.  One of the original setups of the guild leveling system was that the leveling would only count your top 20 guild contributors in the leveling process.  This was setup in order to keep the discrepancies low between small and larger guilds.

The theory being that large guilds would be able to level their guild faster and making smaller guilds lag behind in the leveling, and also make them less desirable due to having less perks.  The contributor cap was a way Blizzard was setting up this new system to keep the two types of guilds more even and allow smaller guilds to compete with similar rewards given the same commitment level.

However recently Blizzard announced they were doing away with the top 20 contributors, which could have some consequences down the road for smaller guilds, obviously for larger guilds this may be just another way to reach higher levels faster.  So what are these impacts?

Well lets play with the numbers and compare a 10 man raiding guild and a 25 man raiding guild.  Lets assume twice the amount of players per the raider amount, so 20 and 50 guildies.  Lets also assume only 3 nights of raiding, and everyone participates in some way for both guilds.  The other 4 nights only 50% of the membership participate.  Lets assume also that each guildie earns the guild 1000 experience a night when they play.

So with these numbers, we would see a 10 man raiding guild earning 60,000 experience on raid nights, and 40,000 experience on non-raid nights, for a total of 100,000 experience a week

The 25 man raiding guild earns 150,000 experience on raid nights, this is already 50,000 more experience than the 10 man guild earns in an entire week.  But on non-raid nights the 25 man guild would earn an additional 100,000 the rest of the week.

That’s 100,000 for the 10 man guild a week vs the 250,000 for the 25 man guild a week.  The larger guild is earning 2.5x the amount of experience over the smaller guild.

Had there been a limit on the number of contributors the experience might have been more equal all things considered.  But because the member count was removed, the larger guild is earning much more experience, and thus getting more perks faster than the smaller guild.

So what right?  Well if you were looking to join a guild, and you get all the perks that guild has already earned, which would you join, all things being equal?  Most likely the guild thats going to benefit you the most.  Effectively hurting the smaller guild.

So Blizzard at one point talked about daily and weekly experience gain caps.  I have not seen them saying they are going to be putting them back in at all, but if ever there was a time this is it.  So in this case if there was a 100,000 cap, both guilds would be equal.  Well I am not that communistic, if say the cap was 150,000 experience a week, that would still give the larger guild an advantage but its nothing too much that the smaller guild may not be able to overcome.

So in conclusion removing the 20 guild contributor limit is OK, however in order to keep a somewhat balanced playing field, Blizzard needs to implement a cap, else even with the more accessibility of raids in Cataclysm being equal amongst 10 and 25s, due to having higher numbers larger guilds will take over.  Maybe that’s what Blizzard wants in order to make 25 man raiding viable.

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  1. The daily XP cap is small. It has been hit by four or five doing normal amounts of questing in the process of leveling.

    Unless your guild is literally yourself and one other person, the daily cap will ensure “even” progression (though why it’s an issue, I’ll never know).
    Rilgon Arcsinh´s last blog post ..Dig For Victory!

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