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RNG Loot System with Structure

Many times you get into a PUG or even in some guilds where the loot system is so complicated it makes your head spin.  Sure some loot systems help promote better distribution of loot such as zero sum or suicide kings.  Sometimes Loot Councils can be setup to divvy out loot to where it would best be used.  Sometimes though you just need something simple.

In my guild we invented, or reinvented recently how we do loot to allow a friendly atmosphere for PUG (Pick Up Group) folks but also for our own members helping to divvy out the loot so everyone has a chance at a piece of the pie.

Now the loot system doesn’t favor if you have showed up to multiple raids, been in the guild for X number of years or if you are giving special favors to a member of the Loot Council, it does provide a clean and clear way to handle loot.

Rule #1: Main Spec > Off Spec

Main spec is always greater than off spec.  Main spec is designated by whatever role you come into the raid as that is your role, so if someone is typically a ranged DPS, but instead they were brought into the raid as a healer, their main spec is healer.

The only exception to this are the following:

3rd off-tank in ICC (and similar raids), most of the time you only need 2 tanks.  The 3rd tank has the choice at the beginning of the run to declare their spec as either DPS or tank.  That is the spec they may roll on for the remainder of the run as,  so if the 3rd OT decides they are DPS, then when tank gear drops they can only roll on it as off spec.

Switch Healers are an easy situation to handle.  If we are running 6 healers lets say and know that on certain fights we may need a 7th, we may designate 1-2 people as DPS who can also heal, well in this case they are DPS period as we brought them in as DPS.

Rule #2: Rolling

Everyone who wants loot will roll a flat 100 (/roll).

If you have already won an item, you may continue to roll, however someone who has not won will get priority over you if they roll, even if your roll beat them.

So for example lets say you won a chest piece off of the first boss, on the 2nd boss a weapon drops that you would like as well.  You roll for it and roll a 98, someone else rolls on the item and rolls a 31, well normally you would win, but this person hasn’t won anything yet so they will get the item by default

Now in the event you already won an item,  some piece of gear drops that you need for your main spec, and no one else rolls against you, you will get the item even with a previous win.

Lets say that you have won an item and you roll off against someone else who also has won an item.  This simply goes back to the highest roll wins.

If you are rolling on an item for your off spec, if you were to win it does not count against your main spec need

Rule #3: Item Types

Items are items, we do not distinguish between the value of a bracer vs. a weapon.

Any tier tokens are counted as any other normal item, they don’t get a special need roll.  So if you used your need on a previous item and a token comes up, you will be potentially competing against people who have not already won an item.

Recipes are an open random roll that do not count against your main spec need.  However we do ask people to link their profession to make sure they can use it.  In the case where no one rolling on the recipe has a high enough profession it will go the highest roller, this is if the pattern is BoP (Bind on Pickup).  If no one can use the recipe and its BoE (Bind on Equip), its a mass random roll going to the highest roller.

Quest items are similar to the recipe.  They do not count against your main spec need.  However you must prove you have the quest to get said item.  Highest roll wins.

Mounts are free random rolls to the entire group.  Highest roll wins and winning does not take away from your main spec need.

Special items like primordial saronite in ICC can be handled in a few ways, if its a true PUG everyone should get a fair shot at the item.  If its a guild alliance of say 2 guilds, then 1 representative from each guild will roll for it, highest roll wins, next one that drops goes to the other guild, and you keep swapping back and forth.

Rule #4: Main Spec vs. Off Spec

Main spec vs off spec may be considered one of the most controversial rules in all of this due to hybrid classes vs no hybrid classes.

Offspec only exists for hybrid classes.  The following are considered hybrids:

  • Warriors (Melee/Tank)
  • Druids (Feral/Caster)
  • Shaman (Melee/Caster)
  • Paladin (Melee/Tank/Heal)
  • Priests (DPS/Heal)
  • Death Knight (Melee/Tank)

Wherever you read “Caster” in the above that counts towards Heals and DPS Casting.  This is simply to limit confusion and potential drama.  There are designations for +hit and +mp5, read below.


If you are a Druid and your main spec is feral all non-casting items (melee related gear) is considered main spec.  There is no distinction between cat and bear.  All spell casting items are considered offspec.  If you are a boomkin or resto Druid, all feral gear (whether dps or for tanking) is considered offspec.  All casting gear in the absence of +hit or +mp5 is considered main spec. (See below for distinction on +hit and +mp5)


If you are a Shaman who is Elemental or Resto all spell mail is considered main spec (in the absence of +hit or +mp5 on the gear), all melee mail gear is considered offspec.  Conversely if you are enhancement all melee gear is main spec, and all casting gear is considered offspec.


There can be made a case for Rogue (Combat vs. Assassination) – I will leave this to you.  Combat roguesmay only claim daggers as “offspec” though, all other items are main spec.  Conversely Assassination rogues can only claim non-dagger weapons as offspec, all other gear is main spec.

Hunters, Mages, Warlocks

You are considered to be pure dps.  Meaning you do not have an off-spec that is not dps.  It can be argued that some specs in these classes require more or less hit, however in this system, the system does not micro-manage how you manage your stats.  Therefore any rolls you make will be main spec rolls.

+Hit vs +Mp5

The +Hit stat designates the item is for damage dealing.  The stat of +mp5 designates the item is better suited towards a healer.  For example if you are a resto shaman/druid/priest and your armor class drops something that has +hit, only then will it be considered offspec for you.

Role Specific Items

The exception to some of the class specific rules are trinkets (and in some cases weapons) that specifically are for damage dealing, tanking or healing.  These items follow your main spec whatever role that may be.  For example if you are a resto Shaman and a +spell power trinket drops that has a proc to increase spell damage, its offspec for you as it does not improve healing on the proc.

Armor Class

Highest armor class gets priority.  If a Druid rolls on a cloth item as main spec and a priest rolls on the same thing for main spec, the Priest gets it, why? Because a Priest can’t roll on leather.  However if the Priest rolls on it for offspec, and the Druid rolls on the cloth item for main spec the Druid has priority.  Same goes for Paladins and Shaman.

Standard Raid Message

Here I will give you the standard raid message to compact all of this into a tight clear message to the raid prior to first pull to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Loot Rules are as follows:

  1. Main Spec > Off Spec
  2. Flat /roll for all loot
  3. Once you win an item you may continue to roll but you have lower priority vs. someone who has not won anything
  4. All loot including tier tokens count the same
  5. Off spec rolls do not count towards your main need (Hunters, Mages, Warlocks, Rogues* do not have an offspec, complain to Blizzard)
  6. Recipes, Quest Items and Mounts will be flat 100 rolls to everyone
  7. +hit designates DPS, +mp5 designates healing
  8. Highest armor class has priority, meaning if a Priest and Druid both roll for a piece of cloth for main spec, Priest has priority since they can’t roll on leather
  9. We do not designate a piece of gear as DPS caster or Healer if it doesn’t have +hit or +mp5 on it, its neutral.  Meaning if you are a boomkin and a spell caster item drops that doesn’t have +hit or +mp5 on it, its your main spec.
  10. BoE gear that is rolled on for main or off spec must be equipped immediately
  11. Primordial Saronite and BoE gear that is not needed will be rolled off by the 2 guilds represented in the raid, winning roll gets the item for their guild, next item that drops goes to the other guild**

*See the blurb about Rogues in the above rules, you can leave them out

**Statement 11 is good for if you are running a guild alliance, if you are not, and its a PUG just have Primordial Saronite and BoE gear that wasn’t needed go to a free /roll.