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Beta Worgen – Why so Linear?

Recently, I was able to play on my friend’s beta account some and I decided to test out the Worgen since the DK got stuck in the nether heading to Mount Hyjal.  I have given it much consideration and plan on starting a Worgen Druid in Cataclysm, but not right away, I got my main to get to 85 first.

So how did my trip in Gilneas go?  Clicking Read More, may spoil some things for you, so read at your own risk…

You start off as human in Gilneas fighting off the Worgen invasion or infestation, depending on how you look at it.  You go about rescuing towns folks, gathering supplies, stopping attacks on roof tops.  Very fun and engaging quests.  You also get to ride on a horse and throw torches at hordes of Worgen.  All finally culminating in a “hold your ground” fight with the Worgen inside a cathedral.  All of these quests were very fun and exciting, but the idea of a quest hub was very foreign here, it was a straight line, do this quest, return now go here and get this next quest.

Well finally you get overrun by the Worgen and become one yourself.  You are given a potion to control your Worgen side I suppose and are set loose to help fend off against an invasion by the Forsaken.  Once again the quest is very linear get this quest kill these mobs, and do that.  However I will say that the quest to put gunpowder on the head of a Abominations and have the marksman on the hell blow it up, is quite an entertaining quest.

Once all of that is done you are sent over to the other part of town near a farmstead.  There was never a choice of go here and also go over here.  Some people may like how Blizzard designed this area where it pulls you along, but for the advanced WoW player I think having a little bit of choice would make it more worth it.

Now my Worgen adventure ended at level 6 because the quest giver was missing, so will have to continue it later and let you all know my continued experience in this new starting zone.

Please note this is as of beta patch 12759 and things are likely to change…

Now it may be linear but the design of the town is awesome, the quests are well thought out and offer enough variety.  My only gripe is how linear it is.  Other than that is an awesome starting zone, not quite as cool as the Death Knight starting zone but still cool and with a well thought out storyline…so far