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Is it Time for User Created Content in WoW?

In Warcraft and Starcraft we were introduced to the map editors.  Where players could create their own maps and share them with other players.  This allowed players to get more involved in the game they play and love and share their passion.  In Starcraft 2, they have revamped the map editor to give players even more ability to create awesome custom maps and Blizzard plans on supporting these maps in a pseudo online store to showcase some of these awesome custom maps.  In World of Warcraft the closest to user created content we have are addons.  But is it time for users to create their own content in WoW?

I think Cataclysm is the perfect time to start to introduce minor user created content.  Now I am not talking about players creating new battleground maps, or their own raids and dungeons (though that would be awesome).  Start off small and you have a perfect opportunity in the expansion of guild immersion Blizzard is introducing.

Guild reputation (at least in its current state) is a grind to earn, you do dungeons, level, etc.  Note its still beta and all these things could change, but your rep is slowly gained through these things.  None of these things I really see this as something that is guild centric.  So what can Blizzard do to make gaining reputation with your guild feel more like a personal and specific experience?  User generated quests.

How many times have you talked with your guild and said hey we need more gems, enchanting mats, flasks or fish feasts in the guild bank for raids?  If you are like my guild, plenty.  How great would it be for a guild leader to create a weekly quest to turn in 10 fish feasts or 5 flasks and in turn you gain 250 guild rep, and these items get deposited into the guild bank.  Seriously how hard could that be?  Blizzard I am sure could make almost like a “wizard” type interface for guild leaders to create these quests.  Pick them up in the guild tab, and hell remote turn them in with the new remote quest system being introduced in Cataclysm.

What about those who don’t care about raid materials?  OK well create a quest that you must clear a specific dungeon with at least 3 guildies or something.  Maybe set a quest to kill a raid boss with a minimum number of guildies in group.  The minimum number of guildies is already in Cataclysm for some of the guild achievements.

I know I make this all sound very simple and it may be more difficult to actually implement but after 5+ years and with other games able to let you create quests in a mmo (City of Heroes) why not the juggernaut that is World of Warcraft, especially when they are already providing ways to create content for their other games.

I think its time for user created content, and the easiest place to start are quests.  I would love to see user created dungeons and raids, but that may be much further out than something as simple as quests.

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