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Preparing for Cataclysm

So with the expansion currently in alpha testing, advertisements coming out for the beta, and Blizzard announcing at last year’s Blizzcon that Cataclysm would be released before 2011 we only have at max 7 months left, most likely less, to be prepared.  However everyone will prepare in different ways.  Lets also not forget that Starcraft 2 will be coming out at the end of July, that will also cut into any prep (for those who are into SC2 anyway).

For my preparation its two fold, one is guild preparation, the second is personal.  As the GL, I have to set expectations and goals before ‘Clysm with my members.  Then personally I need to figure out what I want out of the game before Cataclysm comes out.

Guild Preparation

1. Kingslayer. The first goal, or to-do, is get my guild to clear ICC 10 or 25 at minimum on normal mode.  We are a bit behind some, due to the doldrums of summer, the looming expansion drawing some of our members to more high end guilds, etc.  So we only have 2 bosses left in 10 man as of me writing this, and have 6 more in 25 man.

2. Clear Ruby Sanctum. So the last raid dungeon coming out in patch 3.3.5 is our next prep for Cataclysm.  I want once again to clear this at least on 10 man, potentially with 25 man as well.

3. Finalize up officer roles. With some changing officer commitments, and some going to focus on running the Starcraft 2 clan “wing” of our guild.  Need to divide up the remaining responsibilities.

4. Clean-up the Guild Bank. Need to clear out old mats, and current WotLK mats, using reward based system, and using bank funds to only buy those things absolutely needed in completing prep for points 1 and 2 under guild preparation

5. End of Wrath Guild Talk. Talk with the guild regarding what other members want out of Wrath of the Lich King, how folks want the guild to prepare for the coming expansion.

6. New Guild Features Planning. Once the new guild features like talent trees, guild only profession items, guild leveling, etc. need to come up with a plan regarding what the guild can, should focus on and plan out how we will spec our talent tree.

Personal Preparation

1. Main Alt ilvl to 232. I have 3 main alts (Paladin, Rogue, Warlock) that I want to get up to an average ilvl of 232, especially on my pally for his ret set.  This is mostly for quicker leveling come Cataclysm.  These guys are my money makers.  Paladin is my Blacksmith and Miner.  He feeds mining mats to my main char for his Jewelcrafting.  My Rogue is my alchemist and herbalist, and feeds herbs to my main for inscription.  My Warlock is my Tailor and herbalist, and creates bags for my main and all my alts.

2. Level my orphaned Spriest to 80. My shadow priest I transferred to my other account so my wife could try out a DK, well she never plays that DK, so my spriest has been orphaned.  I would like to get him back up and to level 80.  Some of the changes to spriests come Cataclysm just sounds awesome

3. Level my mage to 80. He is currently at 63 and stuck in Zangarmarsh.  Thats no place to spend eternity, then again is Northrend?  Well its better than an off-world marsh.  So let me see if I can’t get him to 80.

4. Horde my money. Currently I have saved a ton of cash on my main, and have a bit more on my main alts.  But want to make sure I have enough cash to take care of any of my profession power leveling needs once my main hits level 85.

5. Finsh up some achievements. I have already finished clearing through instances that will be going away (Gadgetzan).  Now I need to finish up some other easy ones on my main like the outland loremaster and cooking in outland.

So nothing too big, and obviously in my personal achievements is to get the Kingslayer title by killing the Lich King, but that goes along with my guild preparations.

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  1. I’m thinking of leaving my alts in whatever gear they are in rather than try to pimp them up before Cataclysm with any new gear as as soon as Cata arrives most the gear will get replaced when they level to 85 anyway I think and it won’t mean much towards Cata raiding.
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  3. DRUID

    Well if ur are smart…. that is WOW u always need to farm gear…. thats the stupid point in the game just farm farm farm then u got everything …. then enw patch then u can start over ^^

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