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Cataclysm Class Preview (Part 2)

With the latest 3 class previews, there didn’t seem to be as much “hub-bub” as the previous 6.  Of course we are still waiting on paladins until the end of this week, but until then lets have a quick look at

  • Mages
  • Druids
  • Hunters

For mages one of the things that struck me the most, since my warlock friends were up in arms, are that they will get a lifetap like talent, where they can cast spells using health.  Also the other biggest thing is that Arcane Missiles are going away in their current form, and instead will be an on-proc ability, this will be a big shift specifically for arcane mages.  They are getting some interesting abilities, including fireballs that float and shoot lasers similar to the 2nd boss in Old Kingdom.  The Fog ability where it freezes enemies who cross the line, not entirely sure of the PVE aspects for that, PVP can definitely see that as being a benefit.

Druid tanks seem to be getting an AoE type bleed swipe ability, and also a slow, now of course the slow can be used in cat, but it seems like something intended for bears.  Balance druids get a magical mushroom, funny that there seems to be no mention of new resto abilities.  If one of Blizzard’s goals is to make healing more fun, perhaps a new fun heal for druids may be needed.  One of the bigger changes is HoTs just like DoTs will now be affected by haste and crit, so plan on seeing resto druids more interested in both.  Also Tree of Life appears to be getting a close look, where it seems like druids may only switch into the form situationally to provide a temporary buff instead of having to be in the form at all times.

Hunters are getting some overhauls.  One being that at level 1, Hunters will get a pet, and will be able to get a new one at level 10.  Also many melee abilities are being removed, to help hunters feel more like a ranged class.  Mana for hunters as was discussed post blizzcon is going away, and being replaced with focus, that works similar to energy.  Also blizzard is removing ammunition, so that is also a big change for hunters.