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Rule #1 of DPS: ABC

So I have often looked at folks who post up regarding “how do I get higher dps?”  Its not always their spec or their gear.  Sometimes its simply a matter of spell or ability rotation and having as little downtime as possible.  So where does ABC come in?  Well ABC stands for in this case Always Be Clicking.  By this we mean you should never not be pushing some ability on your bar.

Many times you will hear someone say “but all my spells are on cooldown”, or “their is the GCD (Global Cool-Down)”.  Well yeah there may be that, but sometimes if you look hard enough there is always something that Blizzard’s class developers have given you that is not affected by the GCD or even a spell cooldown.  This even goes for when you are locked out of a spell type.

So first off, if you cast one spell, and know what the next spell is coming up next, you want to start hammering that next button while your spell is being cast, this way even with lag and latency, you are sure to start casting your next spell the moment it is feasible to do so.  Never ever wait until your cast goes off to start clicking your spell/ability, you are wasting precious time if you are not doing this.  Remember the more spells and abilities you get off the more damage you will do.

The next thing you may say is, “but all my spells are on cooldown now, there is no other spell to hit”.  Is that really true?  Sometimes a self buff ability is available, maybe this is a good time to pop a potion, or choose an ability to regain mana or health.  The fact is very rarely is there a time when there is not at least 1 ability available.  For example look at the Death Knight.  In their rotation they hit “Horn of Winter”.  It is a self buff, but most of the time if there is a warrior in the group, it is never put up because there is a more powerful spell available.  But wait, its secondary function is to give runic power, now while not enough to do anything with, add it up with everything else, and you may have given yourself the ability to do an extra damaging ability because you found something that was not on a cooldown like your other abilities.

The fact of the matters is during boss battles especially you hear oh but I have to move, I have lag, my latency is bad.  Well guess what most classes not only have instant cast abilities you can do while on the run, but if you keep hammering those keys or as I like to put it the ABC of DPS, you should be constantly hitting something and thus improving your damage output per second even if you are only doing a self buff.

So remember ABC, Always Be Clicking, and your DPS should go up.

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