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PvE mixing with PvP?

Faction Champions….Trial of the Crusader.  a PVE…PVP fight.  This is the 3rd encounter in the latest raid instance.  However unlike most boss fights its very similar to that of a large scale arena match.  There is no aggro, and the faction champions seem almost modeled after one of the best arena teams out there.

But the question is, is mixing PVP into PVE like this in the best interest of the “raid-game”?

I am not so sure that it is, maybe on a PVP realm yes.  But, on a PVE realm maybe its not.  I know many people that hate doing anything related to PVP, but now they are upset that they are being forced to participate.  Others think this encounter is the best thing to happen since Magister’s Terrace introduced PVP style fights in a PVE encounter.

So the problem is with this fight it turns raiding on its head.  Crowd control has diminishing returns, it seems that the NPC players have none of these consequences though.  The warlock on their end can do hellfire with no loss of health, not sure how thats fair since in a pvp battle I am sure the lock would get wrecked.

But it comes down to fun vs irritating.  After asking around friends on the same realm, different factions, and asking others across factions there is no clear consensus whether it is good or not, it seems to be a toss up.

I will say this after reading many forum posts, its definitely the “cock-block” encounter of ToC 10 and 25 man.