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Lucky Charms: Its Magically Delicious…

As a raid leader and sometimes tank, its my job to mark targets, assign crowd control and provide the members of the pug or guild raid with the appropriate kill order.  This usually takes a lot of time, I had to create custom macros.  But now with the latest changes to LuckyCharms2, all that is a thing of the past.

LuckyCharms2 now does all of these things, including still letting me manually mark targets and call for the much needed ready check.  I took the new addon for a spin in Trial of the Crusader and Ulduar last night and the changes are greatly appreciated by not only myself, my raid members loved how I quickly got them information about targets and who needed to be zapped into a sheep!

Below you can see the new interface, where you can see numbers over each icon.  The lock is still there, the Ready Check button is now the smaller “RC” and the Kill Order feature is the button marked “KO”, see its not just a bunch of clever acronyms afterall.


Click on the RC button to do your standard ready check, if you never experienced a ready check then are you sure you are playing WoW?


In the addons tab under Interface is where you will find LuckyCharms2 configuration menu.  This is where you can set the icon kill order, and also readjust how the numbers are shown on the bar for LuckyCharms.  By setting the numbers you will then print out these icons as the kill order to your raid when you click on the “KO” button.


The output will be something like the following.  As you can see it puts the [LC2] in front of your kill order.


Another handy feature is being able to right click on any icon and set the crowd control type.  In the image below you can see it automatically shows you all the cool CC options available to you.


As you can see the CC Assignment is now placed on the icon and you see the text on the bar as well.


The next time you print out the kill order it will also add a line in the raid text stating which targets are for which crowd control method.  I can’t tell you how much easier this makes everything for me as a raid leader.  No longer do I swap icons for different crowd controls mid raid, kill order is at the ready, I can spam out the CC assignments quickly and easily.  And of course all the fun features I loved about this mod are still there.

Download LuckyCharms2

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  1. I do pretty well the same thing with macros already. I can see how this could simplify some of the actions, and I do like the Ready Check option which I don’t have macroed or hotkeyed right now.

    Overall I’m not sure that I get enough benefit from this addon to bother using it over exising functionality in the game, but I have heard good things about it from several people. I might need to just download it and force myself to use it for a while instead of what I’ve been doing to see if it grows on me.
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