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Patch 3.2 – When words alone can’t express the pain

Patch 3.2 was released in all its glory on August 4th, which started around 6am EST, and the servers were finally brought back up close to 14 hours later.  However when they were brought up we were brought to a ton of new problems

First problem, the Northrend World Server was highly unstable.  As droves of people who logged into Dalaran scrambled to get out, this lead to other world servers like Eastern Kingdoms and Outland crashing.

But crashes weren’t the only problems, people couldn’t access their mail, the auction house, cast, or perform really any action, there seemed to be a 10 minute lag minimum on just about any action.

An on a side note it does appear that Blizzard “fixed” XT in Ulduar to spawn adds from all heaps of junk no matter where you tank him.

This all leads me to the question is why do they continue to test on a “fresh” PTR server that they always wipe.  When you push these patches out to the real servers they aren’t fresh, they have years of history and junk going on that is not easily replicatable.  Also there needs to be some incentive by Blizzard to get the community to load test these patches similar to how they run an open beta.


Here is hoping patch 3.3 is smoother, but knowing it most likely won’t.

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