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Blizzcon Countdown 5 days – WoW Dev Panels

So with Blizzcon quickly approaching I am starting to come up with my list of questions to ask during the character panels amongst many other things.  With Wrath of the Lich King many things have changed from new characters, character roles, game fundamentals, pvp, raiding.  Basically everything but the kitchen sink.

Some changes have been for the better, others have been questionable.

Full List of Blizzcon Panels

Character Panel Questions

1. Death Knights with the latest patch have seen their playstlyes change some, now the Unholy DK DPS doesn’t use Scourge Strike, but Obliterate.  Was it the devs intent to have the Unholy DK use Obliterate over Scourge Strike, and do they plan on bringing back Scourge Strike as a main strike for Unholy DPS?

2. With the recent changes to Paladin healing, they have made Paladin healers more viable, however there is still a lack of Paladin healers due to people still seeing an overall beneft from having Druids, Priests and Shamans over Paladins in raids, what are their plans on increasing Paladin healing to bring them into higher demand like the other healers?

3. Tanking changes made were more focusedon allowing tanks to DPS to build threat as tanks, instead of threat modifiers.  Are there any plans to overhaul healing in a similar fashion to make it more fun, as it seems healers are now the number 1 lacking commodity in the community, and they come at a premium.

4. With the introduction of dual spec it has allowed folks to have separate roles like tank and dps.  Many changes recently regarding balance revolve around PVP, which in turn affects PVE, is there any plans to try and separate them more like PVP centric talents that do not affect PVE, since the PVP and PVE portions are almost 2 separate games anyway?

Dungeons and Raid Questions

1. Are there plans to add a 5 man to Icecrown similar to how Sunwell was setup?

2. Will we see any additional instances added to Wyrmrest to add to the existing one (Obsidian Sanctum), it looks like it was designed for more?

Now I need more questions, specifically for WoW PVP, I am still working on other game questions for Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2, but anything else you are wanting me to ask while there please either comment or contact me via email or twitter

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    Reposting this question from a hunter friend that I will ask on his behalf:

    Zero Range for Hunter abilities… Why does every other class get to use their main attacks at 0 range.. but hunters are the laughing stock of the other 9. Zero range.. level the field.

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