WoW Discussion

Summer Slow-Down…

For the past 4 summers, or is it 5 now, its hard to keep up, but raiding in WoW seems to go up and down like a bell curve, up during the fall through spring, and down in the summer.

You would think that the majority of raiders would see the summer time as an opportune time to take on more time to raid the hardest encounters blizzard has thrown at them, but it seems like most raiders take this time for breaks not only from school and work, but WoW as well.

From having overflow of people and able to pick and choose your 25, to spamming general and trade channels for new recruits.  You go out to most realm forums and it looks like a craigslist board.  Almost every guild is recruting, and its not just healers or tanks, its dps too.  All guilds seem to be hurting.

This begs the question though, with the arrival of 25 man raids, are we seeing too many guilds?  Should some of the smaller guilds trying to start up now and pull members be more realistic and split up and let their members go to other guilds?  But would that be a disservice in and of itself though to the members who started to get into these smaller guilds?


The fact is we can speculate about it all we want, but the moment school season starts up, most guilds will cut out their recruitment, they will have their members and everything will go back to normal.  All we have to do is just sit back, take a deep breath and realize it will get better.

It just is a bad situation that when most people have time to play, they don’t, but its good that they are spending time with friends and family.

But when in doubt feel free to blame the crappy summer movies that draw people away from the game