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Progression and Wipe Nights Build a Stronger Team

One of the most dreaded words in raiding is “Wipe”.  These happen on off nights, but are much more common place during what is considered “progression” raiding.  Since many people have different terms for progression, in this post it is in the context of attempting content in a raid instance that is not on “farm” or has not been defeated yet for that group of raiders.

So now that we have set the stage, on with the post.

Progression wipe nights are tough on morale.  Its a fact, taking 10 or 25 people into a fight and dying over and over again, due to lack of execution, understanding of the fight mechanics, gear level compared with the fight, whatever the reason is tough.  Leaving a raid with no advancement but a large repair bill can shake anyone’s confidence.  People begin asking, is it me?  Is it my guild?  Do I need to find a place that will let me just stroll through this content?  These are all natural questions that people think.  Even raid leaders go through questioning their strategy, their leading style, are they the right person to do this?  But when it boils down in the end, these nights are what brings a team together.

What do I mean by a wipe builds a team?  Well from my experience, I have wiped with a lot of people, but its the people who continue to stick it out and work with the group, improving strategy, helping others out with play style, gear, reaction, all these things builds that comradery.  The people who do leave the raiding team are those who truly have no interest in building these bonds.  Those who stay and tough it out, and work together with their teammates will find a much more fulfilling reward than new loot and a downed boss, but closer online friends and a more tightly knit guild and raid team than when they originally started out.

So for those who could care less about making friends and being part of a tight knit community, guild hop away.  Those who want a deeper MMO experience, my advice to you is tough it out, it will be well worth your time investment.

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