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Bartender 4 – An Action Bar Addon You Can Raise a Pint To

I have used Bartender action bars since iteration 2, and I have to say it has made my gaming experience so much better, as the default Blizzard action bars never quite gave me the customizability I felt I needed.

The moment I came across Bartender I knew I found the action bar for me.

Bartender 4 has all the support you would hope for out of an action bar mod.


  • 10 Action Bars
  • Stance Bar
  • Pet Bar
  • Bag Bar (with keyring)
  • Micro Menu
  • XP/Reputation Bar


Out of these features the only one I do not use is the XP/Reputation Bar as I use the one built into XPerl Unit Frames, but more on that mod another time.

All the action bars are completely customizable from the number of buttons, columns and rows you want.  You can change the alpha settings, the scale of some bars over others.  Also the action bars support the “possess” bar or the vehicle bar when in that state.  If you really want to get advanced you can even set custom states with macro conditions, not for the faint of heart, and novices should not attempt this without assistance, but it’s very powerful especially for those who switch stances, forms, etc.

The bars can be moved and locked into place anywhere on the screen you wish, providing you the utmost control over the customization of your personal UI.

All the keys you can rollover and add key bindings as well, simply select key bindings rollover the button with your mouse and hit the button on your keyboard you want to map it to and bam, all done.

Some critics say that because it doesn’t include a Cooldown counter on the bars its subpar, it just means its lighter honestly.  Using other mods like OmniCC works just fine with this mod, and if this is the worst complaint someone can have against an action bar mod, then you have one hell of an addon to replace the default bars.

Download Bartender4 at Curse