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World of Warcraft – Wish List

Over the 2 expansions and the classic many fans have asked for numerous features in the game.  Personally I want to see a few myself this is my list of features that would really just take WoW to the next level.  These have included everything from balancing, to more and different content.  My wish list is not unlike others, and by no means is what I have below a finite list, I think of new things I want in the game on a daily basis, one of which would be to work on the WoW team, but hey thats the dream right?  But here are 6 items on my wish list for World of Warcraft.

1. Guild Instancing / Housing

How great would it be to post up your own guild AH, or guild bazaar that only your guild has access to, sell your wares, sell items you found, but give your guildies access to it and no one else.

Guild/Player housing, decorate your house with your pets, trophies/achievement awards, titles.

Allow for guild instancing for guild private meetings, parties, events like pvp, etc.

This something that has been requested since the beginning by multiple fans and has never truly been addressed.

2. True Separation of PVE and PVP

wsg_flagFor as long as there was PVP Battlegrounds and titles, there was the nerf this character’s ability, or we need a snare, how come that melee class can heal, I can’t fight rogues, Druids are OP.  The problem is most of the abilities you are talking about are really good in PVE encounters.  But in order to balance the game around both aspects Blizzard essentially nerfed or over powered another, so it was constantly in flux.

In recent times, we have seen dual spec.  Well my thing is if dual spec is possible, why not dual talents, as in talents that are designed for PVP, and those designed for PVE.  This way you can have a true PVP spec and a true PVE spec, and not have to worry that your PVE spec was destroying the PVP landscape and vice versa.  This I feel would solve a ton of the problems we see where PVE folks get mad at PVP folks for asking for nerfs knowing it will impact their ability to do an encounter, and will stop PVP folks from ticking off PVE folks regarding those changes.

I really feel its the best of both worlds.

3. Aerial Combat for PVP

This is something that was said was going to try and be in the game, but never quite made it.  I would love to see a battleground that took into account some aerial gnomish warfare.  A good dog-fight in the skies.  Maybe some anti-air attacks, all could be cool.  Maybe riding griffins and bombing some place.  Either way this is something that would make the game a bit more exciting.

4. A Lead in 5-man Instance for Icecrown

While I can’t wait to go after the Lich King, I think a 5 man instance in Icecrown is just what we need to get a feel for the icy citadel.  Something along the lines of a Magister’s Terrace type instance would be great, especially where heroic mode offered epics on each boss kill, something truly heroic and a good story tie-in.

wrathgate5. In-game Cinematics

My God Blizzard is the king of this, and we had to wait until WotLK for an in-game cinematic with the Wrathgate.  The whole storyline in Dragonblight had such an epic feeling to it, we want more now Blizzard, give us another truly epic quest line to tie in more of the Lich King’s story.

6. Finish the Old World and Let Us Fly!

There are so many pieces of the classic WoW continents that are left unfinished.  Mt. Hyjal for example, I would love to see it live, but its not done, but how great would it be to fight an epic open world or even instanced boss (i.e. Onyxia) up in Mount Hyjal, Sargaras? Deathwing?

Then once its finished, give us the ability to fly around, let us explore mountain tops of some lands, make it so only level 80s can fly, I don’t care, just open it up to the rest of us to take in everything else that some were able to explore through glitches.


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  1. Mike

    Great Ideas!

    I’d like to see more character customization…allow you to change up your gear colors or skins here and there. Earrings….tattoos, maybe.

    I really like when they put new bosses in old content…like when they put the headless horseman in Scarlet Monastery for Halloween, and the one they put in the beginning of Karazhan as well…would love to see more of that.

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