UI & Addons

Clean Up Your UI!

Today I want to talk about how to clean up your user interface a bit.  Many folks tend to use a multitude of mods but this can leave your UI very scattered and not user friendly.  So I want to explore the use of a few mods to help clean that all up for you.  A good user interface needs to be functional, informative, have the right options but most importantly not complicate the environment so you can enjoy the game and react to whats going on.




First we want to be able to have a good bit of information at hand, without it being cluttered all of the screen.  This is where Fubar comes in.  For those who don’t know what Fubar is or does, it creates a similar experience as the Windows task bar but puts it at either the top, bottom, or both.  On here you can add additional Fubar plugins to help you manage your game, I highly recommend the following FuBar addins:

FuBar – FactionsFu

-Shows your standings with factions.  And tracks how much faction gain you have over this session.



FuBar – FriendsFu

-Displays online friends, notes you added for them, etc.


FuBar – GuildFu

-Displays online guld mates, guild member notes, and guild information of the day, shows their location, and allows easy 1 click whispering to them




– Shows the durability of all your items and an overall how much it will cost to repair them



-Shows you your total cash on hand, but hovering over it shows how much money you spent and gained over today, this sessing, yesterday, this week.  It will also pull in data from your alts to show how much total money you have on your account.




-This shows you your frame rate and latency while playing.  This can help you in determining what kind of tweaks you can make to your video settings to improve this performance.




The next addon we want to disccus will be Bartender4.  This is a full Action Bar replacement mod.  It will hide the default Blizzard action bars, and allow you to customize your own.  Customizing your action bars lets you put the size and shape you want.  It also lets you resize them as needed.  Now to be fair, I will also mention that Bongos is another addon that does a similar function, I am just impartial to the Bartender4 setup though.

wowscrnshot_030709_201945 pvw18868

OK so now we have some organization of information, a replacement for the bars, but now we need something to separate out the bars and controls from the action.

Sunn-Viewport Art

I used to use eePanels2, however that took up a lot of memory.  A buddy turned me onto Sunn – Viewport Art.  It works in a similar way however it uses less memory and there are some great art packs to use that let you easily switch out styles.  This will make your UI come together below.  And Sunn is also a FuBar compatible addon, which means you will see a button appear on FuBar to manage this addon.


There are also several art packs you can download along with Sunn to customize your experience however you want, or just pick the flavor of the week.  See some of the below screenshots for some examples of the art packs.

sunnartpack3 artpack9
sunnartpack6 artpack5

Place your action bars you made with Bartender4 inside this area at the bottom.  Now you can move around your chat interface and organize the bottom area a bit more.



simple Minimap

Some other options to simplifying the UI would be to move the minimap down into this area as well, one way you can do that is with an addon called Simple MiniMap.  This allows you to customize the size, shape and placement of the minimap.  For example you can make it square, hide addon buttons, not display the location bar and move it into the Sunn Viewport area.  Now you have the entire top part of of you screen clear for just buffs and debuffs.




If you are looking to organize your chat interface a bit more, one of the best and longest supported addons for that is Prat.  Prat has so many options to customize your chat interface like adding in class, group number, time stamps to your chat messages, it color codes peoples’ names by the class.  Shortens names of the channels like “Guild” can become “G”.




These are just a few options to help you with your UI redesign to clean it up a bit more but allow you to keep that customized look while making it appear professional at the same time.